10 things to do after engagement!

10 things to do after engagement!

What happens after your engagement?

He asked the “question”, you said yes and now the ring is on your finger! So first congrats!!!! But now? You’ll need to make lots of decisions Take a deep breath and..let see the first 10 things you need to do to really kick off your wedding planning.

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1- tell it to people.  Call your parents and give them the honor to hearing the news firsts. Share the news with your friends and have the champagne ready to celebrate.

2- get a manicure done. You hands and in particular your adorned finger will be getting lot of attention. Everyone will be scruting it!

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3- set your budget. this will affect every decisions that you will make from this point.  Sit down with your families and figure out how much everyone is going to contribute. From this point start saving.

4- set a date. it does not have to be necessary the “date”. But at least have an idea about the month or the season..and of course the year!!

5- buy few, and I’m saying only few bridal magazines. they can give you some inspirations, but try to focus on what you really like. Brainstorming with your sweety about the big day, about your dreams and what you like.

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6- hire a wedding planner. No matters it is an intimate wedding or a huge party. Having a wedding planner will save you money, time and avoid lots of stress. A wedding planner will ensure that everything will go smooth on the day.

7- make a guest list. Narrow down this magic number. Why? see point 3. Set rules: e.g no extended family, no kids, no works mate. It easier to add than to cut.

8- figure out where you want to have your wedding and the reception. In the city center? Countryside close to your town? Destination wedding? You may consider different options or all of them, before finding the right one. so make this part of the planning as fun as possible staying calm and organized. Write down what you and your fiance like or do not like.

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9- don’t share your wedding details on social media or with your friends. It should be a surprise. Even it is quite rude to share details with friends that probably will not be invite.

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10- enjoy the moment. Being engaged and the early days of the planning can often be stressful. From now everything will be about the big day and you will be involved in lots of decision. Take some time and relax! Do something for yourself, a romantic weekend or a Spa session and beauty treatments and why not go to the mall and have some shopping?!

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 Photo courtesy: Duccio Argentini

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