10 tips for a successful engagement session

10 tips for a successful engagement session

10 tips for your engagement session

Location –  Choose romantic locations for your engagement session.  Mix of indoor and outdoor locations will offer interesting moods and lighting to play with.

Wardrobe – Wear clothes that fit you well and in which you feel comfortable. Wear some colors and use lot of accessorize. Remember to bring multiple outfits, it is always good to have a choice.

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Hair & Make Up – Wear a little bit more make up than you usually do. Is a good idea to schedule a hair/make up appointment before the engagement session. Remember that makeup doesn’t show up as much on photos.

Activities – Activities are fabulous in engagement shoots. Olive or grape harvest are great activities to do in Tuscany! Activities give you something fun and natural to do while making the shoot individual and interesting.

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Props  They can be a fun way to provide some personal insight into the engagement session. Used in moderation, props can add an engaging element to your shoot through additional storytelling and thematic cohesion.

Be active – What makes a truly beautiful engagement session is for you to feel free to have fun and just hang out! Try to do as little “posing” as possible. try to have creative poses that do not look like poses.

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Trust your photographer – Meet him and speak with him before the engagement session. Collaborate with him in the styling and inspiration of the shooting. Share your vision with your photographer. Don’t be shy on what to like and dislike. So if your photographer suggest something, just trust him and go along with it.

Do not be afraid to want something totally different – Do you want to do something that seems totally crazy or out of the box? No problem! If your photographer thinks that is a good idea, try it!

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Think ahead for thank you cards or save the dates – Take one photo with your save-the-dates or your thank you cards. It will make the save-the-dates or thank you cards much more personal!

Have fun – Enjoy the day and take moments to have fun with your partner. Spend your engagement session interacting with each other, remember that you are in love! Make each other laugh, kiss, be silly or do whatever you’re feeling inspired to do.

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Photo courtesy: Duccio Argentini

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