3 Inspirations for Wedding Table Decor

3 Inspirations for Wedding Table Decor

Wedding Table Decoration is a fine art itself. It is something spouses want to be iconic and memorable. The perfect decor will welcome guests and represents the unique style of the couple. At Wed in Florence we are delighted to help couples to let their dreams come true! We offer a unique and creative Wedding Decor Service. Get inspired by those 3 unique styles of Wedding Table Decor…

Janina & Lee Peach Tones Wedding

This intimate wedding took place in the Chianti area. Janina and Lee decided for a lovely and colourful table, decorated with seasonal floral arrangements in peach tones.


The heart themed placeholders with the names of the guests, recal the embroidery details in the flower’s mason jars of the centerpieces. That’s so sweet!


The table is fresh and romantic. The peach tones are very light, almost watercolour or pastel, illuminated by a soft candlelight. The mason jars used for the centrepieces  are all decorated with a romatic lace that matches perfectly with the mood of the table.

A fresh and light decor, perfect for an informal family wedding.


Katie & Jack and the Butterfly

The wedding of Kate & Jack is the ccelebration of love for this young, beautiful couple. The wedding was held in a private villa in the countryside of Tuscany.


A flower composition from the wedding arch was reused to create this decor for the seating plan. The simple frame recon the white tones of the hydrangeas. The origami butterflies give to the seating plan an elegant and distinctive aspect. The two puppets symbolise the young memories of the bride and a new life together.


One of the details of this wedding is the butterfly. Butterfly with its gracefulness, is perfect for the placeholders, a gracious origami-style butterfly shaped paper.


The table, simply decorated with all the white flowers, like roses, calla lilies and tulips, full of candles, perfectly matches with the menus. The menus were enriched with small swarovski, to give a bright but cohesive touch at the table. The style is simple and essential as the style of this wedding reception.


Lane & Giovanni Elegant Centerpiece

For the wedding of Lane and Giovanni we have thought about something completely different.


The centerpieces are focused on the silver cups, that create a retro-chic atmosphere. The burgundy palette is simply perfect for this table set up.



A gentle candlelight provides a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The perfect mood to start an unforgettable dinner to celebrate the good days that will come.


What’s your perfect Wedding Decor? Let us know your feedback and comments!  and, of course, send us your request for your decoration for your dream wedding reception in Italy!


Photos by Sebastian David Bonacchi Photographer and Fotoori.


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