5 Italian Traditions for Weddings

5 Italian Traditions for Weddings

Italians like a lot traditions. Thoughout their lives they have customs for a huge variety of special occasions such as birthday parties, graduations, anniversaries and weddings of course.

Wed in Florence has chosen five of the most famous Italian traditions for weddings for you….queue the drums….and here they are:

1- For the bride: something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue. The bride has to wear something new, something old, something borrowed and something blue on the day she says “I do”. This is a tradition dated back to the Victorian age for wishing prosperity to the bride. It is said that something old and something borrowed are given as symbols of a strong connection with the bride’s family. Blue represents the color of purity and happiness. This could be a decoration to put in the bride’s hairdo to add a touch of romance and elegance.

wedding hairpiece

2- The bride’s gown: a homemade dress worn by the bride signifies misfortune. In fact the tradition holds that the bride’s gown should be bought or rented. It is also important that the groom does not see the bride’s outfit until their big day.

romantic wedding gown

3- The bride’s veil: it is said that the veil has to be received from a happy bride to wish good luck to the couple. This is the symbol of a successful wedding.

4- Wedding rings: there are a lot of traditions in relation to the wedding rings. Here are the most famous ones:

  • the rings must not be worn the day before the wedding
  • the engagement ring and the wedding ring should be bought on separate days
  • if the rings fall they must be picked up by the priest – not by the couple!

wedding rings in a satin box

5- Blessings for the new home: a sweet and cute gesture for a life full of joy – the groom has to take the bride into his arms and carry her over the threshold of their new house. By doing this he will protect her from evil spirits and avoid the bad luck that is believed to curse a bride if she falls down. Furthermore, the bride has to step inside with the right foot first then with the left one.

wedding vows destination wedding in florence

Do you know any other Italian traditions for Weddings? Share them with us!

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