A backyard wedding in Tuscany

A backyard wedding in Tuscany

Ben e Sharlotte and their backyard wedding

Since they met, Ben a Sharlotte knew they wanted a backyard wedding in Tuscany. Already after the first sight, they start dating, and they found so much complicity and affinity that is hard to find nowadays. But not only they envisioned a life together, they had the same idea about their backyard wedding in Tuscany.

backyard wedding - bride and groom taking pictures in the countryside

Sharlotte and Ben, had this sweet idea of an intimate gathering, without all the fuss ofbig weddings, but at the same time they wanted some that inspired to the guests a “oh-so-romantic” and with a touch of glamour. One of the pluses of a backyard wedding is that you can be as creative as you like. You can truly build the vision that you have of your big day, moreover there are plenty of wedding colours’ scheme that are completely suitable for this type of event.

backyard wedding - confetti set up for the ceremony

A perfect place for a backyard wedding

When Sharlotte and Ben contacted me, I wasn’t expecting to ended up working with a couple with so much creativity. Fun, laid back and relaxed are the perfect words to describe this duo. By the time we started talking about their wedding plans and their ideas, it was already clear that they weren’t looking for something ordinary or already seen, taken from the glossy publications.

backyard wedding - ceremony set up

They wanted something unique a backyard wedding in Tuscany. We scouted Tuscany for two days, from north to south and from east to west, but at the end we found it: the perfect place to get married.

backyard wedding - groom buttonhole with baby rose and berries

A small Fattoria, converted into a BB able to host the exact number of guests that were inviting (what a luck!!). Surrounded by vineyards and with splendid views and lawns it was simply what the couple was looking for: a plain canvas to dress up with their ideas.

backyard wedding - bride and bridesmaids wearing red dresses

The dress and the attire

Sharlotte wore a romantic wedding gown, with a soft corset paired with a tulle gown. The most spectacular thing of the bridal outfit were the shoes. A unique piece of art.

backyard wedding - custom made bridal shoes true love

Hand made in England by an expert artisan. The shoes’ model was a simple stiletto heels court shoes, but the details were something unique and that you never see that often.

backyard wedding - bride getting ready

Ben dressed up with pure elegance, a blue suit that stand out against all the greenery of the Fattoria and at the same time it combined perfectly with the bridal party’s colors.

backyard wedding - bride and cascade bridal bouquet

The bridal party of this backyard wedding, wore a vivid and energetic red, the same of Sharlotte’ s shoes’ details and main flowers of the bouquet. A timeless result, at the same time romantic and truly charming.

backyard wedding - props for photo booth

The florals

I absolutely loved working with this couple at their wedding flowers. All but common, with vibrant touches of colors and bold hues the florals of this wedding were unquestionably amazing. Sharlotte had clear ideas about the colors that she wanted, a colourful and dazzling mixtures of shades and hues to stand out against all the greenery of the venue, the perfect match for backyard wedding.

backyard wedding - wedding favors olive oil

Moreover, the bride chose a cascade shaper for her bouquet. At the same time the softness of the flower’s project continued for the giant arch that was build on the garden and the endless flowers used to adorn the tables. Two long tables were places in the patio of the villa to complete the look of this backyard wedding.

backyard wedding - long wedding table decorated with red flowers and green florals

The backyard wedding


In addition to all the beauty of this backyard wedding, Sharlotte and the bridesmaid got ready all together in a cheerful atmosphere, full of laughing and fun talks. In the same moments, Ben was having fun with his pals in another wing of the Fattoria.

backyard wedding - wedding ceremony

This lovely duo, decided for a whimsical first look in the secret gardens of the villa. After this touching moment, the ceremony took place in the lawns. A family member officiated a touching ceremony and the exchange of the vows was particularly touching.

backyard wedding - groom's speech at dinner

The aperitif of this backyard wedding took place next to the ceremony area. Next to the trees that remined a magical forest, a corner of chill comfort area for guests was created with a vintage luggage with blankets.

backyard wedding - blanket corner

Not much to say about the reception, that was absolutely fun, romantic and infused of good vibes like the rest of the day.

backyard wedding - bridal paty having fun

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