A different style: the boho wedding gown

A different style: the boho wedding gown

Looking for a boho wedding gown? Check out our industry expert: Beate from Adelamour.

My name is Beate and I’m the founder of Adelamour. My love for the bridal industry started 7 years ago when I landed my first job in a bridal shop as a production manager. I always been interesested in the boho wedding style.

Back then, I thought this was the most beautiful job in the world. I was surrounded by the prettiest brides from all over the world, I got to deal with all the materials a girl could ever dream about, I saw some of the best designs before the runway even saw them, and I learned so much about body proportions and measurements.

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At the end I felt in love with the boho wedding gown style. After my experience in the bridal shop, I traveled to Asia to work as a purchasing director for a big textile company in the Middle East. Right at that moment, I realized that I belong in the bridal industry and this is when Adelamour was born. My goal was to create something magical with a youthful touch and focus on the boho wedding gown style. I wanted to create the best and easiest shopping experience for brides all around the world.

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We create modern boho style inspired bridal gowns and we also offer to make fully custom dresses based on the bride’s inspiration pictures. Sometimes it can be really challenging and kind of scary to buy your most important dress online.

That’s why here are my TOP 5 tips on how to create your perfect custom boho wedding gown online:

1. Try on dresses

One thing every bride struggles with is picking out her dream dress. There are thousands of dress styles to choose from and while flipping through the pages of bridal magazines there could be well over 100 dresses that catch your eye. Unfortunately, you can’t make one dress from 100 designs.

A great way to understand what suits you the best is to go and try on dresses in your local bridal shops – this will make your decision easier because you can actually check what style, shape, color suits you better. Also, it can be a fun experience together with your family or friends.

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2. Pay attention to measurement instructions

It’s very important to follow your seller’s sizing instructions as they might be slightly different from each and other.

About Adelamour Bridal Shop - boho wedding gown - Beatris is stylish and trendy – light blush underlay compliments ivory soft tulle and every flower appliqué which are delicately stitched by hand

3. Show your ideas with inspo pictures of your boho wedding gown

Remember that your designer can’t read your mind. Be clear about your ideas. It helps to have pictures as a reference to show them so they will be able to give their input on what will work and what won’t.

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4. Give Enough Time

Your dream dress is never something to be rushed. All good things take time to make. This is why you need to allow an adequate amount of time for the job to be done properly. The idea may be clear in your head, but that doesn’t mean your dress is made in an instant. Allow time for extra materials to arrive, shipping, and any alterations that may need to be done. Your wedding dress is worth the wait.

About Adelamour Bridal Shop - boho wedding gown - Carli dress is naturally elegant and easy to wear.

5. Research the Seller

Who are you buying that dress from? It is always a good idea to do a bit of research about who you are going to buy that once-in-a-lifetime dress from! Check out their reviews to see what other customers have said about them.

Have you seen any pictures of the seller’s custom projects yet? If so, how realistic they are with their promises. If it looks like a unique design with custom materials and they promise to make it 100% the same a second time, then perhaps you should ask another designer.

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Adelamour is a business run by women. We understand each other and strive to bring out the best in one another. Our stylists are here to help customers by answering all of their questions and giving real suggestions based on your wishes.

About Adelamour Bridal Shop - boho wedding gown - A modern, strapless bodice together with a classic a-line silhouette

We have multiple quality checks in place to make sure your custom dress has the best results. When we are finished we provide our customers with pictures so you can confirm that the dress meets your standards. And now let’s get married with your boho wedding gown!

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