Alternative wedding favours to add a unique touch to your Tuscan wedding!

Alternative wedding favours to add a unique touch to your Tuscan wedding!

Alternative wedding favours…a further reason to let your guests remember your unique tuscan wedding!

Leaving an unforgettable memory of your wedding day to your guests is the desire of every bride and groom! Of course it will be easy if you choose the perfect Tuscan wedding venue that represent you and your style. But also a perfect plan of the day and even some entertainment for you and the guests (see our suggestions here: LINK ALL’ARTICOLO SUI GIOCHI).

Alternative wedding favours - Tuscan_Ceramic_Wedding_Favour_Spirito_Toscano-4

However, you can let them bring back home something more tangible..and tasty 🙂 to always remind them they were in Italy enjoying the amazing fun wedding of their friends.

Alternative wedding favours - Olive_Oil_Tuscan_Wedding_Favours_250ml Transparent Bottle

In fact, this article is about alternatives wedding favours. How can they be alternative? Easy!! Don’t look for modern designs, big items that don’t fit in the luggage.. but surprise them with something small but authentic and artisanal.

Alternative wedding favours - Limoncello salmon bow

Something that let them say…this is a taste of Italy!

Alternative wedding favours - ricette-per-glassa-di-aceto-balsamico INTERNET

In short, any of these alternative wedding favours has its own bride and groom that wait for it!

Alternative wedding favours - Tuscan_Ceramic_Wedding_Favour_Spirito_Toscano-35

You may want to opt for artisanal pieces of ceramics personalized with your initials! Each single piece is hand painted and cooked for hours to have the aspect it has. It’s also a useful gift for any corner of the house. See here: 

Alternative wedding favours - Alternative wedding favours - 2 Wedding_Favour_Honey_Truffle_Spirito_Toscano

Or if you prefer something to eat, these sweet honeys with truffles are for you! No need to cook anything, just open the vase and enjoy them on bread or cheese…super tasty! And also…they’re so lovely with their handwritten label! 

Alternative wedding favours - Olive_Oil_Tuscan_Wedding_Favours_MIX

If you love instead Italian vinegar creams, here 3 tastes for you: classical, raspberry or wild berry. All super tasty on everything..and nice to decor your original recipes at home. Here as well, the bottle can be decorated with bows and ribbons matching your wedding theme. And a lovely label that will be handwritten by a Tuscan calligrapher. 

Alternative wedding favours - Olive_Oil_Tuscan_Wedding_Favours_250ml straw bottle 2

Then, we have already talked about olive oil (yes..we love olive oil here in Tuscany, almost every family has its olive trees 🙂 ) but if you’re curious and want to see more options, see here. You’ll find straw bottles, normal ones, green or transparent, cans, biologic oil or flavored with chilli peppers and garlic. 

Alternative wedding favours - Cantucci e Vinsanto INTERNET

If you’re fan of cookies instead, the typical Tuscan Cantucci are the perfect alternative wedding favours. These cookies are made with almonds. They’re not particularly sweet but are really famous in Tuscany…you know why?? Because they are perfect with vinsanto, a liqueur wine where you have to dunk these almond cookies. 

Alternative wedding favours - Wedding Favour Italian Limoncello Spirito Toscano NL 14

Last but not least…the Italian Limoncellos are the perfect alternative wedding favour! These tiny bottles are perfect to give a yellow fresh touch to any wedding table. You can use them all together on a table, you can display them on a cabinet to indicate where guests are seated. Or directly have them at your wedding tables with the name of your guests on it. Limoncello is always appreciated and here you find the real Italian one…in more than one version!

Alternative wedding favours - Tuscan_Biscuits_Sweets_Spirito_Toscano 6

I simply love that coral ribbon and that lovely handwritten label! There’s no need to ask…I would take it immediately…and maybe I’ll drink it to toast already to the newlyweds! Happy wedding!!

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