Cascading Wedding Bouquet For Every Style

Cascading Wedding Bouquet For Every Style

Cascading wedding bouquet top ideas

A cascading wedding bouquet is not simply carrying pretty blooms. It expresses a distinctive bridal personality. Full of greeneries, with ribbons and blooms, they can have many styles, shapes and colors, but for sure they are super appealing.

cascading wedding bouquet - made with peonies, roses, greenery and anemones

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They become popular in the 80’s thanks to Princess Diana and were left behind for a while. But now, with a fresh look and a new dramatic approach, cascading bouquets are again at the centre of the stage.

cascading wedding bouquet - oversize rustic wedding bouquet made with greenery and wild flowers

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On the contrary of classic bridal flowers, they tend to look more natural like handpicked flowers in a field. the general the look of this lovely florals is like a soft cascade of flowers draping downward on their stems. Don’t get nervous, the florist will secure the flowers and you won’t lose a piece. They are a versatile way to add a dramatic look to your bridal style.

cascading wedding bouquet - amazing bouquet with pink and blue shades, made with berries, peonies, liasianthus and gum flower


Natural bridal bouquet ideas

When a cascading wedding bouquet is well done by the florist, it creates a visual line that focuses the attention of the eyes in the person holding it.  Natural and loose doesn’t have to be confused with unfinished. The final look will be loose but not undone. Neutral florals combined with and abundance use of greens, slender leaves, climbing plants and long stems flowers creates a bouquet full of body, thanks to layers and layers of texture, but at the same time very natural.

cascading wedding bouquet - with ivy and white flowers

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Stephanotis, Calla lilies, orchids and roses combined with the whit greens like the ethereal envy or the soft texture of ferns create the perfect mix to a green focused bouquet.

cascading wedding bouquet - made with greenery and succulents

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If you are a blue addicted, play with succulents, pale blues flower, like delphinium, aster, lily if the Nile and the soft blue poppy. Sage and silver eucalyptus will be the perfect green complement to this romantic and elegant mixture.

Colourful cascading wedding bouquet

cascading wedding bouquet - wedding bouquet trailing

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Who says that bridal bouquets have to be monochromatic or follow one single color scheme? Colors can take your wedding bouquet to the next level and create a wonderful wild and organic composition. Spring time is the perfect season for this style. Bold flowers, like dahlias, peonies, hydrangeas, comes in so many shades and hues and perfectly pair with greens with colored accents as hypericum berries. Add ribbons to underline and enhance colors.

cascading bouquet with dahlia

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For an exotic touch go with ginger flowers, pink protea giant peonies and palm leaves. You can mix and match these flowers or use just one single flower in addition to greenery for your bridesmaids.

cascading wedding bouquet - bridesmaids and bouquets with proteas

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If elegant and glamour are the key words for your cascade wedding bouquet. abundance of roses, anthurium, orchids against deep greens will make your bouquet stand out. Jasmin is perfect if you want to get a more romantic look instead, use eucalyptus for a classier feeling.

cascading wedding bouquet - cascading bouquet with orchids, dry grennery for a bohemian effect

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Extravagant styles

Cascade wedding bouquets can be asymmetrical and going up instead of down. Set a new trend and turn your flowers into a bridal garland. For the modern and non-traditional bride get inspired by Miley cirrus. Her bouquet was something absolutely unique. Geometrical and reminiscing the shape of a cone, was the perfect match for her style and her bridal dress.

cascading wedding bouquet - boho and gothc style

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Minimalist and destructed this bouquet made with long stem cala lilies and crispy grass. Use a good amount of fabric for the stem for a bolder effect.

cascading wedding bouquet - cascading lily bouquet

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Pick a flower, like a giant protea and make it the centre of the scene of your bouquet. Match with the bridal party using the same flower in a smaller version.

cascading wedding bouquet - colorful wedding scheme a trail shape

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If you have an eccentric and personality create a cascading floral arrangement with the shape of a garland, peonies, hydrangeas, anemones and dahlias are the perfect flowers for this trailing blooms.

Bouquets with the Wow Factor: exotic flowers

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We hope you enjoyed the inspirations that we rounded up for your bridal flowers. If you have any questions and need a hit where to start for your cascading wedding bouquet contact us today! Our team will be more than happy to help.

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