Catholic destination wedding in Italy

Catholic destination wedding in Italy

Your catholic wedding in Italy

If you are planning a catholic destination wedding in Italy, first of all start to do things early. There are some steps that require time, a lot of time. In Italy a religious wedding can have legal value, so speak with your fiancè and decide the best solution for your destination wedding in Italy.

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Then pick the date.The best months to get married in Italy could be totally different from your country. In Tuscany best months to get married are between mid May until the end of September.

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Then you should start to get in touch with your local parish. Speak with your Priest and tell him your plans: explain to him that you would like to have a destination wedding in Italy. Ask him to prepare a formal letter granting permission for your wedding in Italy. This is a document certifying that your Priest allows you to get married in Italy. Start to follow the prenuptial course and double check that all your religious documents are in order. You will need your Baptismal certificate and your Confirmation certificate.

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Pack all the documents together and send them to the local Curia. Contact the Italian church where you wish to get married and agree with the local Priest a meeting to discuss the last details. Well now you are ready for your catholic destination wedding in Italy!

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