Classy wedding in Florence

Classy wedding in Florence

A sophisticated and classy wedding in the hills of Florence

The Destination & Venue

Alisen and Federico, knew since they engaged that they wanted to celebrate their love with a classy wedding in Florence.  Their wedding was a combination of family traditions passed down through the ages and the new twists of the new generation’s taste. Villa il Garofalo was chosen because of its breathtaking views over Florence and natural beauty of the gardens. They loved the natural scenery surrounding the venue, all the beautiful trees and the lovely building itself.

Classy wedding in florence - italian gardens of villa

The wedding days

To welcome their international guests, the couple hosted 3 days of Italian extravaganza. The groom decided to honour his Italian roots by having two events dedicated to the Italian delicacies. The first night Alisen e Federico welcomed everyone for a Florentine steak party, followed the day after by a mozzarella bar aperitif. A very intimate last stag  party was hosted by the groom during the lunch on the wedding day, taking his groomsmen to a local pizzeria. 

Classy wedding in florence - pizza stag party

The Décor & Flowers

This sophisticated couple, wanted a truly elegant and classy wedding in Florence so the beautiful historic home  was decorate by the bride with the color scheme of greens, greys and whites, to follow the “classy wedding in Florence” theme. The ceremony was adorned with classy decoration ins such as vases with white and green flowers, greenery at the chairs and a super elegant off white carpet. The venue itself had already lots of greenery and character   Tables for the reception were long and round both, with a different high class centrepiece per each shape. Long exquisite green and white runner for the long tables and vases for the round one, in additions the reception table were full of candles for a truly classy atmosphere. The couple went also with natural white flowers and greenery of their flower arrangements for both the bridal party and groomsmen.

Classy wedding in florence - tables in the courtyard

Classy wedding in florence - escort cards display

The color scheme of greens and whites was followed by Alisen, to reflect the “classy wedding in Florence” theme.

The Dress & Attire

Alisen, a bride looking for a no-fuss but glam wedding style that is elegant and chic, wore a super classy slip wedding dress that fit perfectly on her. The bride loved the way her hair and makeup turned out for the big day. Just the right balance between formal and casual that made the bride felt completely herself.  A classy long grey dress made the bridesmaids feel beautiful and perfectly comfortable during the wedding day. Completely in line with the overall look of this classy wedding in Florence. The boys opted for a super classy black smoking to give a stylish touch to the men side.

Classy wedding in florence - bride before the lush ceremony

Classy wedding in florence - entrance of the groom

Classy wedding in florence - bridal party and groomsmen

The classy wedding day

The modern simplicity of this classy wedding in Florence made the day really special. To alleviate hot weather woes the couple offered infused water for guests upon arrival. The newly weds didn’t have a first look but instead decided to spend few moments alone together right after the wedding ceremony. Alisen e Federico  got married in the beautiful terrace of the villa il Garofalo overlooking the cathedral of Florence. The ceremony was held by a Priest, part of the family.

Classy wedding in florence - wedding ceremony with cathedral view

Classy wedding in florence - bride and groom during the ceremony

The Italian aperitif followed the ceremony in the Italian gardens of the villa. Typical Tuscan canapees were served and the couple added a twist to the bar with hers and his cocktails. The reception, took place in the courtyard of the villa under a magic starry sky. Before let the party begins, the couple cut the millefoglie – traditional Italian wedding cake – surrounded by family and friends.

Classy wedding in florence - his cocktail

Classy wedding in florence - italian deep fried food

Classy wedding in florence - cut of the cake

From the green and white color scheme to the al fresco reception under a canopy of string lights – turned their classy, elegant wedding dreams into a reality.


Ph: Maurizio Rellini Villa: il Garofalo Caterer: Delizia Ricevimenti Flowers: Mainardi Addobbi Floreali Video: Katia Casprini Music: Alma Project

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