Delicious Wedding Cakes Made in Florence

Delicious Wedding Cakes Made in Florence

Are you looking for an original and delicious wedding cake made in Florence? Allow us to introduce you to Dolce Lab, an artisanal and artistic patisserie situated in the heart of Florence.

At Wed in Florence, we have fallen in love with the style and the flavour of their products. They make and serve delicious cupcakes, muffins, cinnamon and chocolate rolls, cheesecakes, crumbles, brownies and of course wedding cakes. Their products are mainly based on a British tradition of cake making, which are slightly customised according to suit the Italian style. The shape and structure of their famous layer cakes is mixed with Italian ingredients in order to produce beautiful and tasty products.

macaroons wedding cake

Dolce Lab can be described with two words: professionalism and creativity. In relation to wedding cakes, their attention is focused on the bride’s desires, which will guide Dolce Lab throughout the process. Whether she dreams of a simple one or a multi layer cake with decorations, they will create a unique and completely made product. Requests come first, then the colour and the theme of the marriage will be considered. Are peonies and roses the flowers of your wedding? Then your cake will be designed with these elements!

Last but not least, a tasting session will be arranged for you to taste the different ingredients of your cake.

Would you like to arrange an appointment to learn more about Dolce Lab? Please email us at! We are organising a cake tasting! Don’t miss it!


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