Destination wedding etiquette: dos and don’ts

Destination wedding etiquette: dos and don’ts

How to manage the wedding etiquette for your destination wedding in Tuscany

What’s more romantic than a destination wedding in Tuscany? But at the same destination weddings can hide tricky etiquette’s problems. Following the correct rules can be complex, old-fashioned or not necessarily intuitive.

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The main issue in a destination wedding is: who is paying for what? Are the bride and the groom required to book and pay for the flights and hotel rooms for everyone in our wedding party? Following the etiquette’ rule everyone should provide to their travel expenses. But if you know someone that can not afford, it is wonderful to offer to help. Be careful, that if you book the rooms to save your guests the effort, be clear who is paying for it!

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Send the invites early. If you expect people to join your wedding, give guests enough time to save and book fairly in advance flights and accommodations. Since destination weddings often involve multiple events,create a separate card from the main invitation for the other events, such as welcome dinner, BBQ, brunch.

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You don’t have to feed your guests for the whole stay. But at least organise a sort of welcome dinner for the first night and a BBQ or a brunch for the day following the wedding. You do not want your guests get up early to have breakfast. Create a meeting point, like the breakfast area, where you can use a blackboard to suggest activities to do in the area. A destination wedding in Tuscany offers many possibilities. Contact us to know more.

Don’t be demanding about your wedding gift. Your guests will be spending lots of money to get to the wedding, and that’s a huge gift in itself.

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