Do you want to look good in wedding pictures? Check this out!

Do you want to look good in wedding pictures? Check this out!

5 great hints about how to look good in your wedding pictures.

If you’ve been too busy preparing for the big day, you may have forgotten to prepare yourself about how to take amazing photos. It happens that more and more often that a guest, sometimes bride and groom, are asking about some tips on how look good in wedding pictures or to get great wedding photos.

look good wedding pictures - bride photos in gondola in venice

Before I share these tips with you, focus on something: you can take wedding photos even if you’re not a professional wedding photographer. Despite this, the only way to do it properly, is to hire a professional. One of the most important things you can control to look good on your wedding day is to hire an experienced vendor.

look good wedding pictures - bride few moments before the ceremony

A friend of mine, a wedding photographer, is always hired because of his experience, personality and character, not only because his beautiful pictures. There’s nothing better that having good vibes from everyone at your wedding day!

look good wedding pictures - bride gettig ready in her hotel room

1 – You are gorgeous

Always remember all the time that you are beautiful, you are confident, you are calm, and repeat it to yourself constantly! Relaxation can radiate confidence; the camera can be forgotten and the wedding photographer can be confident of capturing candid and spontaneous moments.

look good wedding pictures - bride with her father

I’ve seen photographers taking pictures of the bride under the rain, into the sea, surrounded by snow in the mountains. The couple was having so much fun and they were so relaxed that it was completely natural! This is the starting point to look good in wedding picture.

look good wedding pictures - bride and groom photos in a romantic garden

2 – Have fun to look good in your wedding pictures

Candid photos are great and will make your wedding album look natural. Moreover, many couples would like to have a few pictures with creative poses or ideas.

look good wedding pictures - bride and groom at the aperitif

The first and best tip I can give to you is to have fun! You have to be yourself, enjoy your wedding and have fun with your groom and your guests. There isn’t a better picture than the ones of you all having fun!

look good wedding pictures - bride walking down the aisle with her father

2 – Dance

Would you like to look like elegant? Dance and move all day like a ballerina!  Do you want pictures where you look like having fun? Dance and move all the time,  as you were in a club! The way you move and behave will affect your wedding pictures more than you can image!  This will allow you to look good wedding pictures more that many other things!

look good wedding pictures - bridal pictures before the ceremony

3 – Book an engagement session

In order to get the best from your wedding photographer, it is suggested, when possible, to have a pre-wedding shooting.

look good wedding pictures - bride in a staircase in an elegant palace

This will allow the bride and groom feel comfortable with the photographer on the wedding day and the same time will add some more special memories. having an engagement session will create a bound with the photographer and his team. The best way to look good wedding pictures.

look good wedding pictures - bride ready for the first look

5 – smile

The majority of the couples are not models or actors. If you and your partner are usually quite shy in front of the camera, the first thing you should do is rely on your wedding photographer.

look good wedding pictures - bride and groom in a garden after the ceremony

Is not so obvious, but is part of the photographer’s job to make you look beautiful, on every single photo on your wedding day. Don’t worry about look perfect, just smile, have fun and enjoy your wedding. Amazing photos will follow.

look good wedding pictures - bride with an embrodied veil

Have you got any tips o hint about the best ways to make sure you look good in the wedding pictures? We’d love you to share them with us in the comments below!

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