Do’s and don’t for wedding guests

Do’s and don’t for wedding guests

The wedding season is now open! If you are planning on attending a wedding this summer you should be aware about new trends and rules. This list of do’s and don’t for wedding guests will be useful to enjoy the ceremony and have fun with the new couple.

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  • RSVP by email or by card? Tell to the bride and to the groom you will be there in the same way you get the invite. If you get an email a quick response to it will be more than appreciated. Otherwise send them a nice card with your confirmation.

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  • Go for an elegant outfit. Women have to avoid all nuances of white or a color close to the bridesmaid dresses. Pastel nuances are always the best choices! Men have a reduced variety of colors to choose. All tones of blue add a twist to every wedding outfits.
  • Be part of it! Chat and dance with the couple! Chat with them and stay away from your smartphone. They have chosen you for gathering their love and their new life together!

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  • Take Selfies, selfies, selfies! Accept to do a selfie if the bride or the groom ask you for it. Don’t take selfies all ceremonie long. Remember the couple have chosen a professional wedding photographer to shoot the wedding. So laugh, dance and cheers during the fab day leaving your phone in the bag.

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  • Skip the ceremony: as a guest you should attend the full experience. Don’t skip the ceremony especially a religious one if you are supposed to participate.


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  • Stay out the trowing of the bouquet: take part in this important tradition the bride wants to share with all guests. Even if you don’t like it remember to make everything special for the bride and the groom and to make them happy accepting their requests.
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