Drinking like a local: how to do an Italian aperitif

Drinking like a local: how to do an Italian aperitif

Pimp up your wedding with the Italian aperitif

italian aperitif - anchovies and olives


It is official now. You will tie the knot in Italy. You will fly all over the world to spend the most memorable day of your life in Italy. So, you should also adopt one of the most favourite local tradition the Italian aperitif.

italian aperitif - figs and soft cheese crostini


But what is the aperitivo, it a drink combine with some very light food that is normally enjoyed in the evenings after work or during the weekends to spend time with friends. Italians do also incorporate it in weddings.

italian aperitif - crostini with seasonal vegetables


It is the moment right after the ceremony in which typical Italian cocktails, like Americano or Aperol sprits are served long with a countless number of small bites of Italian delicacies. The Aperitivo tradition comes from the norther area of Italy.  But it spread very quickly all-around Italy.

italian aperitif - finger food glass with salmon and burrata


What is served during the Italian aperitif?

italian aperitif - Negroni cocktail


In many countries is often called cocktail hour. But, as we are Italian, we rather prefer to focus on food and not on drinks. Infact, if in the cocktail hours, there is a full bar that can serve many different drinks, during the Italian aperitif, the list of beverages s is reduce to prosecco, red and white wines and a couple of cocktails plus soft drinks and non-alcoholic cocktails.

italian aperitif - set up for a cool wedding

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On the other side, if in the cocktail hours no canapés or a very small selection of finger food is served, during the Aperitivo there is a true tribute to the Italian food culture.

italian aperitif -  minibites of broccoli flan


As a standard two stations, one for each, of cheese and cured meats are the always present, they display cheese and cold cuts coming from all the different Italian region. With two bites you can explore from the pecorino of the Tuscan Crete Senesi to the refined buffalo mozzarella from Naples. Aside from these two interesting corners, quite often there is a third stations with canapes and finger food.

italian aperitif - crostini with mozzarella, tomato and basil sauce


If your idea of selection is between 4 and 6 choices of different preparations, you will be disappointed. In Italian weddings we like variety and quality. As a standard you will not fins less than 10 options. Depending on the style of the wedding this part can be also served by waiters circulating with trays.

italian aperitif -  selection of crostini for wedding aperitif


One of the yummiest things that you can find during this pre party moment is the deep-fried food. It is very similar to a tempura and can be vegetarian, made with courgette, eggplants, sage, courgette’s flowers. Quite often there is also fired bread dough filled with soft cheese and or sausage.

In the end, during an Italian aperitif you will never be disappointed by the creative and the selection of food that you will find. Just be sure to save some space for the dinner.

italian aperitif - trays with italian food


What happens during the aperitivo?

The aperitivo is the time between the ceremony and the Aperitivo wedding reception. It is the grand entrance to the wedding celebrations. Normally it lasts between one and two hours. Quite often you will find live music, in particular strings of jazz bands.

italian aperitif - spritz camapari


Aperitif is a great time to chat with family and friends and for the guests is a great opportunity to know each other or to get in touch again.

italian aperitif - small glasses of tomato, mozzarella and basil mousse


This time is also used to do the groups photos, considering that you want to avoid the all the same look for your photos, the Italian aperitivo offers multiple corners and different setting to frame your guests. Considering the length of time, another crucial moment that takes place during this foody time is the couple’s shooting. The guests are already entertained by food and drinks and the couple can relax and take some moments just for themselves.

italian aperitif - fish finger food


This is also a great moment to display and let the guests sign the guest book. More and more often proper corners are created as a backdrop for a photo booth. So, the couple will bring back home not just the sweet words of their friends, but also funny and lovely pictures.

italian aperitif - deep fried food weddings


Sometimes, some shy guests also surprise the couple with a little informal speech, that could be difficult to say during the dinner when you have a whole platea staring at you.

italian aperitif - spritz glasses


I hope you will really enjoy the Italian aperitif as a married couple or as a guest. It is one of my favourite moments of the wedding day. If you have any doubts, questions or just a little curiosity, prepare an apero and toast with me while chatting about your wedding plans.

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