Essential photography tips: family photos

Essential photography tips: family photos

Tips to stay on track of family photos on your wedding day.

Your wedding day promises to be one of your best days as you arrest and detain the gazes of all your guests and bask in the euphoria of boundless joy. But staying on track of your family photos may introduce some amount of avoidable stress and tension to your happy day.

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This usually happens when your family members are not where they are expected to be at the time scheduled for the photo capturing or some other distractions. Now, the last thing you need is going off the track of family photos session and the only way to escape the confusion is adhering to the tips listed below.

family photos - Bruno Rosa Ph - bride getting ready with her sons Give Your Photographer Advance Information About Your Family Members.

Before your wedding day, one of the vendors you are likely to meet is a wedding photographer and one of the details he/she should have ahead of your big day is a list of the different people you will like to take pictures with. When giving out this list, do well to add the names and photos of your family members, if it is possible.

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Inform Your Bridal Party in Advance of Their Job in Getting the Family Members Ready.

Another way to escape the impending confusion that most photo sessions are known for is to assign the gathering of your family members to someone that knows everyone. It could be one of your bridesmaids, a cousin, or any relative and this must be done ahead of the wedding day as well.

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Manage The Needs of Your Family Members.

Can you really control their photo expectations? Yes, you can and you should, unless you want to spend the entire afternoon taking pictures while your guests are tired out waiting in the reception for you. Another way of staying in the track of family photos on your wedding day is to give the same responsibility to your cousin.

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Let them be intimated early that the photo capturing will adhere to the suggestions of the photographer because when the session takes too long the people will get tired of standing and may leave. And what about you? You won’t escape a stressed look. So, if your parent or siblings crave lots of pictures, explain to them on time about the photographer’s list that you sent earlier.

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You Should Start with The Larger Circle.

The major concern of the wedding photographer is to take beautiful photos and that only happens when the couple and family members are in their best mood. So, let the photo session begin with the largest circle of the immediate family. This will include grandparents, cousins, siblings, etc. From there, you can eliminate people as they take their turns till you get to the couple’s parents with this, no family member will miss the picture session.

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In addition to this, have a family member or one of your bridesmaid stand close to the photographer to help him call the names on the list. This way, the will be no omission of the different groups in the list of the photographer.

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Decide Where You Want to Have the Photographs.

The background of your picture does matter when looking for quality photographs. Will you be needing natural lights or indoors with artificial lights? The weather is usually of a big concern here too; so a big tip will be to stay indoors if rain threatens and have the guest help you move the furniture back for a bigger space. A big space that will accommodate every family member and also give the wedding photographer the chance of having a nice backdrop. And you can use the outdoors if the weather is friendly.

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Decide Early On the Duration of the Photo Session.

Sticking to either 20 to 40 minutes is ideal if you still wish to have quality time at your reception venue. Also, keep in mind that some of your guests and loved ones have traveled from afar and it wouldn’t be bad to help them make it back in good time. So, manage the time and ensure everyone has the opportunity of sharing a photo moment with you.

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One last word.

Remember to double-check your wedding photography itinerary before your big day and possibly have one of your bride’s maid or that family member who will be working closely with the photographer have it.

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This will help you remain calm, knowing you have entrusted all about your family’s photo capturing to a reliable hand. More so, it will ensure you stay on track of family photos on your wedding day which is most important.

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