Franca and Philip – A family style wedding in Tuscany

Franca and Philip – A family style wedding in Tuscany

Franca and Philip A true family style wedding 

Franca and Philip always thought about their big day as a huge gathering between family and friends. The couple is from different places and lived in many countries. Their family is from all around the world. The choice to tie the knot in Italy was more than spontaneous  furthermore to have a family style wedding in Tuscany.

A classy villa, surrounded by greenery and aromatic flowers, was the beautiful backdrop for this couple’s special day. Welcoming guests to a true Tuscan experience, this property was the perfect location for a family style destination wedding inTuscany.

The Dress & Attire

A ball gown style wedding dress was the perfect match for the family wedding day. The neat bodice, nipped in waist and with spaghetti stripes.  This delightfully crisp dress was perfect for Franca.

The Flowers and décor

All the flowers and the décor were inspired by the rustic countryside and the romance of a community focused lifestyle, typical of Tuscany, which inspired every detail.

Apart from being the place under which the wedding vows took place, for this family wedding, the  arch was decorated with beautiful elements of the surrounded nature. Olives branches and greenery from the countryside. The same decoration was reflected in the chairs, but with a touch of white flowers.

The long banqueting tables were adorned with something calm that complemented the garden setting but elegantly. The glass vases full of white flowers and greens combined with different sized candles. The light reflect on wooden tables and vases both created that magic family dinner atmosphere that the couple was looking for.

The bridal bouquet was tied with a lace belonging to the bride’s grandmother. The olive branch bouquet gave that spark to the bridal look and added a natural beauty to the day. the flowers in the pastel tones gave to the bride bouquet the romantic and plush design that completely fitted with the family style wedding.

A lot if DIY was incorporated in the wedding day to add more sparkle to the decor. Friend gathered together the days before the wedding to prepare confetti, little props and a scenic photobooth with helium balloons.

The family style wedding day

The wedding day was focus on a few very important key things: good vibes, good food, and a laid-back atmosphere. The rustic romance was the line of this family style wedding day. The bride and the bridal party got ready in the bridal suite, enjoy their time with some Moet Chandon.

 The uncle of the bride, who is a priest, had the opportunity to marry Franca and Philip in the terrace garden of the villa. Happiness radiates throughout this happy couple during the exchange of their vows. After this super romantic ceremony, the cocktail hour begun in the swimming pool garden, set in the middle of the most beautiful landscape. Surrounded by olive groves and the magnificent views of Tuscany.

In the terrace of the villa, was served the family style wedding dinner. Everyone sat together like a big family. The big tables offered a closeness and an intimacy that will have all the guests feeling like family. The family style wedding menu was pasta from the Tuscan tradition and peposo as main. To give a twist to the dinner each guest had a pinzimonio aside their plate for the whole dinner.

After the cake, As soon as the dance began, all the guest joined the couple for a full dancing party in a typical family style.

Franca and Philip wanted their wedding to be one that focused on family and friends, making the day a reason to congregate. All the guests enjoyed the day from beginning to end. Contact us and start planning your family wedding today!

Ph: Pure White Venue: Borgo Catere: la Buona Tavola

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