Get married in Tuscany

Get married in Tuscany

5 reasons to get married in Tuscany

Yes! You are engaged and now? What is the next step? Pick the right location is absolutely the first thing to do. If you are thinking about a destination wedding, Tuscany is the right place! Tuscany is the most romantic and charming place where to get married in Italy.

1- The landscape.

Tuscany offers a beautiful countryside that can be the perfect scenario for your destination wedding in Italy. With its rolling hills, the magnificent old villas and the church ruins in the background is one of the most dreaming and fascinating place for a wedding.The sunset over the little villages creates a perfect magic atmosphere for a your destination wedding photos.

2- The food

I would need an entire post about this! And I will do it shortly! Fresh food, high quality and traditional dishes are just few things about the food and wine culture of Tuscany. Surprise your guest with a Tuscan wedding reception. From the various kind of cheese to the selections of cold cuts, to the Ribollita (typical florentine bread soup with black cabbage, tomato and beans) to the Tortelli Mugellani (homemade pasta filled with potato) and the famous Cinta Senese as a main. Happy ending with a ice cream cart filled with the italian gelato! Your guest will not be disappointed!

tuscan cheese pecorino


There are so many different options if you decide to celebrate your destination wedding in Tuscany. The old centre of Florence and Siena can offer the elegant atmosphere of the old palaces. If you are thinking to a modern wedding there also old palaces restored as new lofts, that create a contemporary and sophisticated atmosphere. If you prefer a vintage or a charming destination wedding, the countryside offers so many type of villas to realise your destination wedding dream. You can even decide to get married in one of the hamlets of the tuscan countryside, so typical and lovely.

wedding villa outside wedding villa inside
wedding villa in the countryside

4- Weather

The good weather of Italy is world known. In particular in Tuscany, located in the central part of Italy, the weather is always perfect for a destination wedding. The perfect time of the year to get married in Tuscany is between may and July or from late August to mid October.


There is not a better place than Tuscany fo culture.Is the perfect place to get married if you are looking to incorporate a bit of culture on your destination wedding. From the big cities such as Florence, Siena and Pisa to the small villages as San Gimignano, Fiesole or Greve in Chianti, you will always (breathe) feel the great historical heritage. It is part of the Italian culture to throw some rice, usually outside the buildings or the church, once the spouses are married as a synonym of well being. Another interesting tradition is to give as a gift to the guests five almond confetti. They should represent the five aspects of a wedding: health, wealth, happiness, long life and fertility.

san gimignano by night

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Photo courtesy: Villa le Piazzole

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