Glamorous choices: the custom wedding gown

Glamorous choices: the custom wedding gown

A custom wedding gown designer: Romina Fochesatto

Every bride wants to look beautiful on their wedding day. The choice of what to wear is one of the most important you will make on your day.  The gown will express your personality and style that is why is so important to have a custom wedding gown. To Clothing choices can be some of the important decisions you will make in your day.

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown - georgette gown with Pagodas sleeves and Flock tulle details

The industry expert: Romina Fochesatto

I set my bridal label of custom wedding gown up in 2010 in Argentina and I moved to England last year, mid-January. I had to take some time to get my personal life settled but I’ve been back to work with full energy and I had a very successful first year.

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown - dyed pleated georgette skirt

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown - couture gown full of fantasy

The ethos of my brand has been always the free-spirited bride, true to her unique style and passionate about high quality, bespoke handcrafted details.

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown - Handmade bridal gown in tulle and lace

My studio is located in the North West of England but I work for brides across the UK as well. And I have the dream of working for brides across Europe when the moment is right. Fittings are done either in my atelier or in a convenient location for my brides.

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown - backless silk georgette gown

I’m inspired by the uniqueness of each bride and her wedding; I take their story and style as the main creativity trigger.

Custom wedding gown creation

Creating a wedding dress is another way of communication… like a beautiful song, an art performance, a painting… It is my way to express my individual voice and when I work on a bespoke gown, it has the bride’s voice as well. I love meeting passionate people and getting to be a small part in their love story makes me so happy.

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown - Vintage fitted wedding dress with gold colored details

My very first collection of custom wedding gown created in the UK was shot in Italy, not far from where my ancestors were born in the area of Verona. This was extremely emotional for me because it gave me the opportunity to show my work in this special location, communicating my background and style perfectly.

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown - ong sleeve wedding dresses lace back details

This collection was mainly created with focus on textures. I felt like I needed to show what I’m capable of doing because my brand is so new here in Europe. I tried to keep the silhouettes quite simple so I could put all the attention on the embroidery details, pleated surfaces and different embellishments… the theme is always a bride who wants to look unrepeatable, unconventional but contemporary.

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown - dress feminine, sophisticated and with glamorous touches

The style

It included the most romantic, feminine and nostalgic styled gowns. The botanical inspired embroidery details and some pieces with hierarchical style like a tailored cape; as well as the colour palette in ivory, beige and ochre worked really well with the venues and amazing floral installations chosen for our last editorials.

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown -

There is one gown that I made specially to reflect my personal story and I was really excited when I saw it, so beautifully styled by the team. I called it ‘Broken field’ and it has a rustic texture, like a dry wheat field after a bad season… I like the contrast between luxury and the inevitable imperfection of life.

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown - ong sleeve wedding dresses

I love seeing how my vision is transformed by the vision of other creatives and you can see something new coming up from all those different minds.

Romina Fochesatto - custom wedding gown - Swarovski stones, beads and pearls embroidered over a lace bodice

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