Good food, good atmosphere!

Good food, good atmosphere!

Finding the right wedding caterer is not always easy, especially in a different country.

When I met Gabriella Giogli and Alberto Lusini, the owners and managers of Class Ricevimenti  I immediately felt that I was in front of the right people. They are not only very nice and available, but they are always ready to help and to fulfill all your desires.


Let’s start talking a little bit about the two of you!


Alberto, what is a normal day for you?

I answer inquiries and create proposals for events. Me and Gabriella, personally overseas events to be sure that everything is how our clients want it to be.

When I have to work with a wedding planner, sometimes everything is more relaxed sometimes is not, depends on the wedding planner!


Is Class Ricevimenti specialized in a particular kind of food?

Well, we are not specialized in particular kind of food, but we are specialized in the Tuscan style. That means typical dishes and seasonal menus. This allows us to have always fresh food, high quality and different dishes all year around. Of course we are also able to prepare a finger food menu or to serve a complete gala dinner. In the years we acquire a deep knowledge in ethnic cuisine as well. So we can offer Indian, Spanish, Mexican and many others ethnic menus, following the taste of our clients!


Gabriella, what would you suggest for a wedding menu?

I would suggest to couples to follow their personal taste. They should relax and think about what they like and to have a couple of options for vegetarians and intolerances. Me, Alberto and Neve already worked in the past with very demanding couples  and we always found the right solution.


Do you offer a tasting of the wedding menu?

Yes, all the couples are more than welcome to visit our show room and to try our food. In the same day can chose their personal set up for their event.


What is your favorite part of the wedding reception?

Alberto: Probably the wedding cake, because we are at the end of the job! Just kidding. I love my job, so when I see the satisfied face of the guests of the wedding  after the first bite, well that’s my favorite part of the reception.

Gabriella: I would say when everything is ready to begin. When the setup is ready to welcome the guests at the reception, I see all the details coming together and creating a magical atmosphere that is my favorite part.


Favorite wedding cake?

Alberto: I would recommend the classic Italian wedding cake: the Millefoglie. (Puff pastry with Chantilly cream and fresh fruits on the top if you like it! Yummy!!),

Gabriella: I would add also chocolate chips!

We do not personally prepare it, but we team up with a famous Italian patisserie specialized in wedding cakes.


If you could give one piece of advice to every couple what would that be?

Our best advice for a couple is to not give into pressure on what they think they should be served. Live in the moment, don’t worry, don’t stress, make it your day. We say: happy bride, happy wedding, so if you and your fiancé are enjoying what you’re eating, then you’re setting the tone of the event


Thank you Gabriella and Alberto and many thanks for this glass of Chianti!!


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