How long does it take to plan a destination wedding?

How long does it take to plan a destination wedding?


In the initial stages of planning is important to know how long it takes to plan a destination wedding.

He asked the question and you said yes. Now what? Before start searching for your wedding dress and contact suppliers, take a moment for yourself and focus on your relationship. Take some time to enjoy each other and spend some special time together. Otherwise the risk is to lose some of this magic moment. Once you are relaxed and full of beautiful emotions, you can ask yourself: How long does it take to plan a destination wedding?

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You will have many questions and doubts, no worries it’s perfectly normal. Invites are meant to be sent out about six to eight months before, so by that time you should be already at a good stage of the planning process. There is no a timeline set in the stone. Some couples prefer to start the planning and book vendors in from two years to 18 months in advance. This usually happens for those couples that have big families involved in the process or for couples that live in different areas of the globe. For them is not always easy to find the time to compare ideas and options. This timeline, will give you enough time to plan in advance also some trips to Tuscany to check venues and vendors.

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Not always there is the need to put so much time in the process. In general, to plan a destination wedding is enough to start between 12-16 months in advance. This will allow you to pick your preferred date, the suppliers you want and have enough time to consider multiple options. Having this amount of time will also provide you a sensation of no rush and will help to make relaxed decision.

Can I plan six months?

Yes, you can. In general it depends how fast you make decision and on the type of wedding you want to have. If paperwork are involved, depending on your nationalities, you may need a longer time. There are different aspects involved in destination wedding. One of them is to give enough time to your guests to get organised, take time off work, book flights and hotels and many other details.

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There is big difference to have eighteen months ahead or just six. Also, with such a short timeline, be prepared to spend a good amount of money in a less time. It will seem that you are spending a lot, is not! Is simply that you are spending your budget in less time.

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Can I plan in three months?

When people are asking me can how long does it take to plan a destination wedding? Can I plan it in less than three months, my reply is always the same: only if you are a small group or if you are eloping.

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In this case, beside the time to advise your guests, you will need to deal with wedding vendors availabilities. In this scenario you will need to be flexible and open to get married in week days and to use vendors that could be less popular.

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But this doesn’t mean lack of quality. In many cases local vendors that invest less in advertising have extreme high standards. If you are planning a to do solo destination wedding in less than three months it is crucial to rely on a local expert. Things will need to fast and the language barrier is only one of the real obstacles.

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Going back to the question how long does it take to plan a destination wedding, well it will depend on your flexibility and requirements. As a general suggestion, for a destination wedding consider between twelve and eighteen months. This will give you enough time to enjoy the process and leave the stress out. Also, don’t forget to book a wedding insurance, considering the time we are living in, it could always be handy! Don’t hesitate to contact us for more info!

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