How to organise a stress free destination wedding

How to organise a stress free destination wedding

10 top tips to plan a destination wedding stress free

Undeniably, during the years, the number of couples opting for a destination wedding has increased. Weddings abroad can be fun, colorful and romantic. At the same time, they involve organization skills and much more planning than a home celebration.

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You can be easily overwhelmed by the many things to do and to take care of. Additionally, people tend easily to underestimate logistic and language barrier. Follow our tips for a stress free destination wedding to avoid any complications for your celebration.

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Is a destination wedding what I want?

To understand if an abroad will be a stress free destination wedding this is the first step.

Before planning abroad, take a moment to think if it is for you. Sometimes the idea to tie the knot in a foreign country is more appealing than the reality. Going away from home means to avoid a big event, but on the other side, are you ready to fly away family and friends?

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This type of celebrations is more for couples that have a relaxed approach to the planning. Unless you are able to travel to the country during the planning, it is important to be open to the idea of not seeing the venue before the wedding days and to meet suppliers just few days before.

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On the other side, if your registry office or your local church doesn’t fit your requirements, your hometown feels limiting, you love travelling and you are curious by nature to tie the knot abroad is the perfect match.

Does it fit my budget?

Before start planning, decide how much you want to invest in your wedding. Different countries have different costs. Also, you should consider the travel and hotel expenses, not only for you but for your guests too. decide what you want to include in your budget and if families will contribute to cover the costs.

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Choose the right destination

This is the most important step even before start planning. While picking your destination, consider many aspects, such as: is easy to reach?

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You don’t want your guests to travel 24 hours to get into the place. Season: if you are getting married abroad you want to avoid bad weather. Skip rainy seasons. Make a list of places that you like and that can be feasible for weddings.

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Plan in advance

This is one of the secrets for a stress free destination wedding. Plan in advance! This will give you enough time to make the right decisions without stress. Make a list of key points that are most important for you and secure basic vendors as soon as you can. You don’t want to be forced to work with your second choices on the most important day of your life.

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Visit the place

If possible, plan a trip to your destination. This will help to have a better idea about the logistic and what to expect at your arrival. Take the opportunity to explore the neighbourhood, inspect venues, check vendors and local places and understand what activities you can plan.

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Get travel insurance

Considering how other things could happen between you start the planning and the wedding day or during the travel,  it is always a smart choice to contact an assurance company. They will cover costs in case of cancellation or help you with any issues related to lost luggage or travel delays.

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Hire a planner

Last thing you want is to worry and being stressed by the planning, logistic and language barrier. As all the events, weddings have so many things to take care of and to be done with a specific timeline. There are some venues that offer an onsite wedding coordinator, but if you are looking for something unique and totally yours, you should hire an independent wedding planner.

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Give people the time to organise themselves

When it comes to destination weddings, you should give to your guests enough time to plan ahead their travel. Bear in mind that is also their time and a financial investment for the them. Send the save the dates as soon as you book the venue, about a year ahead.

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Check your legalities on time

Many couples tend to underestimate the time involved to renew passports or to produce paperwork for a legal wedding. Speak with your authorities for the passports and contact a local office or ask to your wedding planner for legalities

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Consider throwing an afterparty at home

Not all the people invited will be able to make it. There is always a probability that some of your friends or members of your family will not come. So, it could be worth to consider to throw something informal, such as a cocktail or a back yard informal event, once you are back home after your honeymoon.

Ready to start planning your amazing stress free destination wedding? Contact us and let your dreams come true!

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