How to protect your heels at outdoor weddings

How to protect your heels at outdoor weddings

The importance to protect your heels at outdoor weddings

One of the best parts of outdoor weddings is getting to be in nature, and celebrating the joy of loved ones as they tie the knot. There’s something about that sweet summer air, being surrounded by gorgeous scenery as you join in on the celebrations.

Everything’s going great…until you encounter the dreaded gravel or dirt path. All of a sudden your heels are slipping and sliding into the unstable surface and you’re having trouble walking…plus you’ve ruined your gorgeous heels before you’ve gotten a lot of wear out of them. Does that scenario sound familiar?

Outdoor weddings come with their challenges and this is definitely one of them: Getting to wear your great shoes, without damaging them. A lot of times these types of weddings will be held in venues that have less than stable walking paths, and you’ll likely have to trek over grass, dirt, or gravel which can make it an incredibly stressful event.

How to keep your heels protected during outdoor weddings

The main way to keep your heels protected, and keep you from falling is to look for something that will help you stabilize the heels. Rather than teetering or feeling like your heel is sinking, you’ll need a solution that’s discreet yet helps you walk properly. Luckily, Grasswalkers fits the bill.

Grasswalkers are a flexible and clear strip that can be attached to the bottom of your heels. This helps provide a more stable walking surface instantly, without calling too much attention. Grasswalkers help protect your shoes, and it’s able to fit a wide variety of heel styles making it incredibly versatile.

Don’t skip the heels at the next outdoor wedding!

Outdoor weddings are a beautiful event that you should enjoy, and if you have the perfect heels to go with the outfit, flaunt them! With solutions like Grasswalkers, you can easily walk across difficult terrain without damaging your shoes.

Whether it’s gravel, dirt, grass, or sand, Grasswalkers has you covered. You can walk easier knowing that you have a special solution in place that’ll make life easier, and the occasion so much more enjoyable. Don’t get your shoes ruined and protect heels during outdoor weddings!

So instead of stressing out about what shoes to wear or trying to stay practical at outdoor weddings, keep the heels with the outfit and get yourself (and your shoes) a little extra protection. Grasswalkers are the perfect choice to protect heels at outdoor weddings.

They are versatile enough to go with a lot of different outfits and there are a variety of shoe sizes available.  The small is designed to fit a range of high heels up to a women’s size 8.5.

The medium can fit a women’s size 9 to 11. Each pack contains one pair, but you can also purchase replacement pads for when the adhesive wears out and party packs and boxes as well.

You can put your worries about outdoor weddings and high heels to rest. To protect heels during outdoor weddings, Grasswalkers are available online for purchase at our website, and you can find more information about how they work and how to use them here. We love seeing Grasswalkers in action, so check out our Instagram page to see them in action and learn more about how they work.

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