How to write romantic wedding wows.

How to write romantic wedding wows.

A key part of the wedding ceremony: the wedding vows.

Writing wedding vows that are personal and romantic is not simple for everyone.  Being honest, for some couples can be very hard.  Summarising a relationship, the love toward the partner, the future together in just a short piece is no easy adventure. Wed in Florence will help you step by step, to craft your favourite memories from the big day!

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Make it personal

Personal vows are a declaration of your love for the other person Speak from the heart it you can never go wrong. Instead of thinking  of how Overwhelming it can be, see it as a chance to tell your story to your guetst, who travelled across the globe to be with you in your most important day.

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Tell to your partner what you love, what you admire and what inspires you. tell to the other one why your relationship is so special, what you like about your being together and what you see in your future as a married couple. Share with your guests this little part of the two of you as a couple.

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Considering my job, as a wedding planner, I read vows from many couples.  They are romantic, meaningful, emotional, sometimes funny or very cretative. What all this wedding vows have in common is that they are unique, they represent the couple and express the love for each other.

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Keep always in mind that wedding vows are not a competition. You can write your wedding vows togheter, but not transform it in a run. Let your heart speak for you and don’t stress yourself if you don’t find immediately the right words.

Traditional Wedding Vow Example

Read the classics for some initial inspirations for traditional wedding vows. Classics can be a good starting point but don’t be stiff. Traditional wedding vows don’t have to be boring, you can use some parts of prepared templates. Don’t forget the most important thing: they have to shows the commitment you make to each other. You can use the sample for the initial part of your wedding vows and then add some personal lines about your feelings and your future together.

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Modern Wedding Vow Examples

If your idea of wedding ceremony is laidback and romantic, modern wedding vows will be perfect for you. They are more fresh and based on a more light, relaxed and conversational tone, without forgetting all the romance and sincerity of the sentiments. Instead of explaining why your love is meant to be, add personal references. Tell to each other parts of your love story, including sweet and hard moments that bound the two of you.

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Remember to add personal references and part of life together. This vows’ style is generally longer and more informal than traditional vows, and often includes anecdotes and personal references to your partner.

Fun Wedding Vow Examples

If a classic and meaningful speech is not your vibe, go for something creative, funny and cheeky. This type of wedding vows help to ease the tension.  In these vows the couple refers funny anecdotes of their love story, to comical incidents and to their hilarious nicknames.  Fun wedding vows can be tricky to express. Set a line of the right balance between silly and serious, and don’t cross it. Remember to include more pretty words than jokes. Opt for fun wedding vows if reflects the couple and your approach to life.

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Would you like to know more how to write your own vows? Stay tuned and look for top tips!

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