the importance of a wedding video

the importance of a wedding video

 The importance of having a professional wedding video

Even if you are not a fan of wedding films, a professional wedding videography is such a wonderful addition to a wedding! Probably in your mind you will be asking yourself: “is it worth it to hire a videographer to capture every single moment of our big day? Will we really watch our wedding video?  Should we save the money and invest it in something else?” In the most of the cases the answer is absolutely.

You will have pieces of memory of that day in your mind and photographs that will bring those memories to life. But Videographers also have a unique way of telling your story.A wedding videographer will capture moments that you may not have seen.

Your wedding video will help you remember how you felt when getting ready,will show yours and your husband trilling during the wedding ceremony, it will give you another glance at your friends and family as they enjoy the wedding reception, it will remember to you your first dance .It will record you as a couple having fun with your family and friends. It’s so special to look back on your wedding day and see your true emotions pouring out to one another.

So think twice before you say you can’t afford a videographer, or you just don’t think it’s worth it.

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Video courtesy: Giuliano Bausano 



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