Let’s talk about venues

Let’s talk about venues


Today we will interview Sara Zugni the Event Manager of one of our preferred venue: Palazzo Monti:

Ciao Sara! How are you today?

Hi Neve, fine thanks, I just survived a wedding without a wedding planner. I know that doing everything by yourself seems easy, but at the end it turn to be very stressful for the couple. The risk is to lose the control of suppliers during the day. At the end the couple is not enough relaxed to enjoy properly the big day.


So let’s talk a little bit about Palazzo Monti! First of all, what is the history of your wedding venue?

This wedding venue has a history that dates back to one of the nobles families of Lake Iseo. The property belonged to the family of the Federici della Corte. This noble family, was settled in Nigoline around the 15th century. They were vassals of the court of Oldofredi Iseo. In the late 18th century the feud of Nigoline was inherited by the Monti family, native of Montichiari. The Monti added their name to the one of della Corte so a new name was given to the Palazzo: Monti della Corte.


Well, we can say that in the Palazzo you can breathe the history of the nobles families of the lake!

Yes, is one of the reasons why I like so much this place!


How many people you can accommodate in Palazzo Monti? 

About 200 in the outside and about 300 in the inside. The garden is big enough for events over 300 people and where we can organize even concerts.


How many events do you host in a day?

Just one of course! We strongly believe that every wedding and every event is special and unique, we want pay the right attention that each event deserves .


What is your favorite part of your venue?

Probably the garden, with all the flowers and the open spaces that can be used from the ceremony to the reception. We can have different kind of set up for each part of the wedding. There are so many different type of flowers blossoming all the time, like tulips, wisteria, jasmine and even tropical plants!


If you had the perfect bride, what would she decorate your venue like?

I would suggest her to talk with Neve that is both my friend and an amazing wedding planner. She is very professional and always nice and helpful. Regarding the flowers we can recommend one of our flower designer Isabella, from Notes.

What do you like about what you do?

The feeling to make people happy  and the atmosphere that weddings can create at Palazzo Monti.  You can feel the happiness of the people,  especially of close friends and family of the couple while they are sharing with them such a special day.

As well, this palace belongs to the historical houses association, t is a pleasure for me to explain to our guests the past of the Palazzo. It is always a joy to describe the historical the events and make people feeling them through their imagination.

Finally, Wedding Planners, they are always very efficient and ready to help if something goes wrong.  (I’m just saying it because Neve is looking at me!)


What do you dislike?

Wedding planners! 😀 So demanding! eheheh

I do not like rude people. Whether potential clients or vendors, the rude people are the worst part. The Palazzo in particular is quite old, so it needs to be treated like a little old man.


So at the end, why a couple should choose Palazzo Monti as their wedding venue?

Palazzo Monti is a special place, you can breathe the history of the building. The atmosphere is romantic and at the same time elegant. It is the perfect place for a both intimate and classy event even if you are a quite large number of people. Unfortunately we are close in winter time. The Palazzo has the original arrangement of the 16th century so no heaters! However we have beautiful room at the ground floor that can be used for intimate dinners of max 30 people.


Ok Sara, many thanks for your time and for sharing with us your ideas

Bye Neve, see you soon! Well…, don’t we have a site inspection booked in few days??!!


I would like to say a special thanks to Federico Sbardolini for his amazing pictures of the Palazzo!

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