Make it different: wooden wedding signs

Make it different: wooden wedding signs

How important is to have the right wooden wedding signs?

To help your guests to during the wedding day to have always the right information there nothing better than personalised wooden wedding signs. They add a soft glamour to outdoor celebrations with their calligraphy writings and help people to orientate during the day.

wooden wedding signs - calligraphy  sign to help guests

At the same time they will add personality to your big day. They can be displayed in many possible ways and placed in different areas of your wedding venues. Considering that is a bespoke product they will perfectly your theme.

wooden wedding signs - calligraphy board to decorate the confetti table

The most loved wooden wedding signs

What is the most loved items? The welcome wooden wedding signs, from the simplest to the most decorated ones, with floral lettering and interweaving.

wooden wedding signs -

All the items are strictly made by hand with patience and love. Also the plates, of any size and color, to decorate the special corners especially the bride and groom’s chairs, the buffet, the sweet table, the photo booth.

wooden wedding signs - calligraphy numbers for the dinner tableWithout forgetting the sweet plates for the pagers, to start the ceremony in a whirlwind of emotions; furthermore the beautiful guest books with wooden covers, to collect unforgettable photos and thoughts.

wooden wedding signs - calligraphy decoration for the bride and groom table

wooden wedding signs - calligraphy  sign just married

Using the latest generation machinery, Giulia also gives life to three-dimensional elements, carving wood to create beautiful objects. Table sign, placeholder names, letters and writings to decorate the table of the spouses and the sweet table. In raw wood or hand finished wood with colors and patterns, there is no limit to creativity.

wooden wedding signs - calligraphy board for rings

The industry expert

Where Pretty Happens by Giulia creates wooden wedding signs and calligraphy for happy moments, in a delicate and elegant style, fully customizable. From cake toppers to welcome panels, from table decorations to placeholders, with Where Pretty Happens you can realize a project that is best coordinated with the theme and colors of your wedding.

wooden wedding signs - calligraphy borad grazie

In her small workshop in the hills of Brianza, Giulia will put her creativity and imagination at your disposal to create the decorations that will most represent you for your most important event. With her wooden decorations she will be able to make your wedding day truly unique.

wooden wedding signs -  calligraphy our adventure begins

The passion for wood started 5 years ago, when Giulia created for her wedding some hand-painted signs. From there, almost for fun, she began to experiment new techniques to work with wood, adapt it to projects that are always different and original, but without ever distorting its charm and delicacy.

wooden wedding signs - ccalligraphy borad to welcome guestsalligraphy welcome board

On boards of fragrant fir, pine tree or walnut plant, Giulia writes in calligraphy, to create unique pieces that will add a special touch to your happy day.

wooden wedding signs - calligraphy sign for the open bar

The process

The realizations of Where Pretty Happens will be completely thought about you. Giulia will be happy to welcome you and accompany you in your choice of the solution that best respects and represent your personality and your taste. Wooden wedding signs are fully customizable in size, colors and texts, but also in the type of font to use for writing. It will be possible to resume the style and details of the participations, to perfectly integrate these decorative elements in the rest of the wedding settings.

wooden wedding signs - personal table names

Relying on Where Pretty Happens you will be followed at every step of the design and creation of the elements that will give a touch of personality and refinement to the wedding.

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