Married first wedding later

Married first wedding later

Getting married first and then having the wedding?

intimate wedding in TuscanyHave you ever thought about getting married before the party side? Financial troubles, different ideas so you are thinking about having a very small like a family only affair? It could be very romantic to get legally married in private and have an intimate celebration between the two of you to commemorate your legal binding with your partner.

unique venues for weddingsA few months down the road you can plan a  meaningful and memorable ceremony that allows you to publicly declare your love and commitment. You can have a fantastic party with your friends and extended family. There is nothing wrong with it. If you are planning a huge reception, you can have the time to save enough money.

wedding reception in tuscanyAt the same time, if you are getting married for practical reason the wedding won’t be any less sincere or authentic.It will just be the public version of what already happened privately. The most important thing is that the both of you realise what are your desires.

No matters if is a marriage or a wedding, contact Wed in Florence and start planning your special day!

Photo courtesy: Duccio Argentini & Villa Le piazzole

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