Hannah & Tomas

From Sweden with love. This amazing couple decided for a laid back and rustic affair to celebrate with family and friends.

We hired Neve for our wedding in Chianti. Throughout she has provided impeccable service. Not only did her witty charms always calm our nerves when we at most needed it, she single-handedly managed to do some wizardy that turned my own fragmentary vision of how the day would actually evolve into a real, living and rocking and incredibly magical event. Every last detail fell into place.
From start, when she made us go to our wedding venue to try their coq salad and wine, connected us to the exactly right people for photography, beauty services, music or babysitting (she really has good taste in partners) – and until the last very shivering moments before we were ready – she never lost her cool nor failed to show her finger tip knowledge – or how bumps or surprises can be predicted, met and handled without leaving a trace. What has left an even more lasting impression on me though, is her warmth, her knowledge of people (and children!!), and her love for creating a perfect event not just in planning but in mood. We had the time of our lives. Thank you Neve.