Romantic Elopement in Tuscany

Romantic Elopement in Tuscany

A romantic elopement in Certaldo

Not always a wedding has to be a big affair. For couples who aren’t interested in the excess that comes along with wedding planning, a romantic elopement is a perfect solution. Eloping involves very few guests, more often just the couple. To elope is not a quick way to get married. Is simply a way to give importance to small things. It also gives you the possibility to have your wedding ceremony and the exchange of vows basically everywhere. A romantic elopement in Certaldo could be the perfect choice for you.A romantic elopment in Certaldo

A romantic elopment in Certaldo

The Plan to Elope

Alexia and Kyle chose a romantic elopement in Tuscany for their special day. The couple didn’t want to handle with the Italian bureaucracy for the paperwork, so they booked an all inclusive elopement package. The couple was taking a trip around the world and decided for a romantic elopement in Certaldo.  Alexia and Kyle wanted their romantic elopement in Tuscany to be natural, spontaneous, very romantic and with the most beautiful landscapes ever.

A romantic elopment in Certaldo

The Dress

Using a refined, minimalist design in neutral shades, Alexa wore an amazing nude lace wedding gown.  The nude colored dress was paired up with the blush of the lace, to create a contrasting combination. The result was a very romantic  wedding gown. Kyle wore a charcoal grey suit to have some contrast with the neutral tones of the bridal dress. Even in eloping the style is important. Charcoal is a refreshing change from the usual navy suits

The Flowers

The bouquet was made with in season flowers and it was the perfect with the dress. Alexia picked the traditional colors, pastels and blush tones, for her wedding bouquet but worked with a mix of greenery and summer and year-round blooms.

A romantic elopment in Certaldo

A romantic elopment in Certaldo

The Ceremony Venue

Alexia and Kyle, focusing on keep the style classic and romantic, and allowing the beauty of Certaldo and their love to take centre stage. They didn’t need to add too much extra decor, to the beauty of the Town hall in Certaldo, the old fortress tower and decision centre of the city. The medieval architecture, the red bricks the courtyard with the arches were perfect for Alexia and Kyle’s romantic elopement in Tuscany.

A romantic elopment in Certaldo

The romantic elopement

The wedding day was beautiful. Getting ready in their hotel, the couple avoided seeing each other until their first look. This look took place by walking through the streets of Certaldo while reaching the ancient castle of the Town Hall, the place where here in Certaldo, they celebrate weddings. The narrow streets of this medieval town are the perfect backdrop for a couple shooting before to elope.

A romantic elopment in Certaldo

A romantic elopment in Tuscany - couple shooting before the cerementy

A romantic elopment in Tuscany - nude lace wedding dress

The reception

The day was truly unforgettable for Alexia and Kyle. They decided to have their wedding reception in a local restaurant, overlooking the rolling hills of Tuscany. The menu was based on delicacies of the Tuscan tradion, such as Tuscan crostini, Pici pasta and peposo.

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