Tasty alternative wedding cakes

Tasty alternative wedding cakes

10 Alternative wedding cakes

A wedding cake is a must have in a wedding list. Looking for an alternative wedding cakes to add a twist to your special day?

alternative wedding cakes - mini ladyfinger desserts, filled with mousse or pastry cream and topped with a variety of fruit options


A wedding is the perfect opportunity to be creative and have something unique. Think beyond the tradition and let your imagination inspire you. There are many ways to keep the glam feeling of the dessert but at the same time to provide your guest an exclusive experience.

alternative wedding cakes - three-tiered sweet combines stacked layers of rice crispy treats with a bit of buttercream, greenery, and figs


Cheese wheels tower

If you just don’t like cake, why not serve as ending a cheese wheels tower? Is not a proper cake, but is an option among the salty alternative wedding cakes? Top tips: choose different type of cheese and as a final touch, add some flowers or fresh fruit to the tower. Fig and grapes combine perfectly with cheese.

alternative wedding cakes - cheese tower with layers of hard and soft cheeses, decorated with flowers and greenery


Savoury Alternative Wedding Cakes

The cut of the cake is an iconic part of the wedding, but is not set in the stone that it has to be sweet. A cake of savoury pies can be a good replacement. Top tips: provide alternatives! Let your guests choose between meat and vegetables. If you want the savoury and sweet both, add a fruit or a dry fruit pie.

alternative wedding cakes - delicious dessert table made with savoury pies


Macaron Tower

With the glamour of a traditional wedding cake, the macaron tower will leave your guests coming back for more. Considering that macarons are super customizable, you can match these dazzling sweet bites with any type of wedding theme. Top tip: don’t want to give up the idea of cutting a cake? Place on top of the tower a minicake.

alternative wedding cakes - beautiful sandwich cookie, made with a meringue base and often filled with buttercream frosting, fruit curd, or ganache


Donut Tower

What a better way to celebrate your wedding with a donut stack? Versatile, fun and colourful this is one sweet ending that everyone will simply love. Top tip: create a board with all the flavours available and think about those who are gluten free.

alternative wedding cakes - Stack frosted doughnuts



Looking for something meaningful to you and your other half to nod with your heritage? Croquembouche is one of the most alluring and captivating alternative wedding cakes.  Elegant and with an iconic shape this cake will definitively score the point. To enhance its grace, add some little glowers or glitter, it will look stunning in photos.

alternative wedding cakes - Croquembouche, a patisserie confection made with cream puffs and spun sugar


Jelly Alternative Wedding Cakes

This is something truly unique and hard to find. Particularly suitable for very unformal wedding or for those who have a particular sweet tooth. Their shape is customizable, please save teddy bears for the baby shower, and jelly come in unlimited colors. Top tip: create rings of a unique color matching the following one to get a bold effect.

alternative wedding cakes - multicolor Jelly Cake is so tasty and delicious


Cookie cake

Your guest will never get tired of this little sweet threat. This alternative wedding cake can be made with your favourite cookies’ type. Giant cookies, handmade decorated cookies or even Oreo.  Top tip: hosting the wedding in an industrial venue? Use vintage metal stands and have your dessert be matchy matchy with your locale.

alternative wedding cakes - a gorgeous cookie cake with chocolate chip, double chocolate swirl decorated with flowers

ph: modernwedding


We know, pancakes are usually for breakfast, but why not offer to your guests a morning inspired sweet ending? Everyone loves them! Pancakes are fun and cheerful, filled up the pancakes tower with fresh fruit, whip cream and maple syrup, this will make the joy of your guests. Top tip: having the wedding during summer? Use ice cream instead of the whip cream.

alternative wedding cakes - Flowers, fruit and endless amounts of maple syrup are the perfect pairings for your pancake stack cake

ph: modernwedding

Bundt cake

There are not many alternative wedding cakes that are also a sort of traditional. One of those is the Bundt. The name means “gathering of people” there is no better choice to celebrate your wedding. A bunt frosted cakes tower, with different flavours, will make your guests happy and not too far from tradition.

alternative wedding cakes - two-tiered frosted bundt cake

ph: martha steward

Wedding Cupcakes

Add a twist to your wedding with cupcakes. Cupcakes are simply adorable, totally customizable in flavours and decorations. Cupcakes are super easy to stack. To add a sparkle, use different stands and mix and match these sweet threats. Every guest will have fun seeking for their favourite cupcake. Top tip: glamours touch? incorporate some chocolate bites with your monograms.

alternative wedding cakes - finely decorated cupcake tower. The icing on these cupcakes  mimics real flowers and greenery.


We hope you had as much fun reading the article as we had writing it. If you are looking for more suggestions, feel free to contact us!

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