Thank you

Thank you

I know that is uncommon and unusual to have this kind of posts on a wedding blog. But I would like to say thank you to all those that helped me and supported me with this web site and with my new born wedding planning agency.

First of all thank you to Nois3 (  my amazing Design and IT team. Working with them has been a pleasure. I felt like I was listened all the time and they gave the best to fulfill my expectations. I can be very picky on what I do.

Alberto Lusini @ class Ricevimenti (, one of the best Tuscan style caterers, was very supportive and gave his best to assist me with my couples during this period.

Of course Palazzo Monti, one of our recommended location on Lake Iseo, should be included in this thank you list for their the amazing pictures and their availability during last week end site inspection with Laura and Steve.


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