Top tips to choose the wedding suit

Top tips to choose the wedding suit

The importance of the right wedding suit

If you’re planning a destination wedding from the US, most likely you’re used to completing most of your to-do list online and finding suiting for your wedding is no different. The Groomsman Suit offers Virtual Showroom Appointments for wedding suit, allowing couples to wedding plan from home.

wedding suit - black and white bridal wedding dress tuxedo

We have a lot of fun working with couples remotely to discuss sizing, wedding colors and trends, personal style, and how to get the suiting process started. During a virtual appointment, we typically get you set up with a free home trial to check out suiting and accessories from the comfort of your house. With a free home trial, you only pay for what you decide to keep, and we offer free returns/exchanges within the US. If you live near any of our three locations (Denver, Philadelphia, and Chicago) we’d also love to meet you in person instead!

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One of the biggest concerns about ordering wedding suit suiting online is nailing the fit. The Groomsman Suit has developed an online fit finder that is over 80% accurate so finding your size online has never been easier. No measurements needed, simply answer a few simple questions about your body type like height and weight and we can make a great recommendation. We are also standing by to help with any of your sizing questions via email and phone (773) 303-6006.

wedding suit -  A more subtle alternative to the classic black, clean cut and transitional, blue groom suit

Tips for getting suited up for your destination wedding

There are a lot of decisions to be made when planning a wedding, so when it comes to choosing what style everyone will wear. Here are a few key tips:

Determine how formal your event is

Ask yourself: will the wedding be black tie, black tie optional, cocktail attire, or casual? Typically, your wedding venue can determine this for you but take into consideration your personal style and personalities as well. Who says you can’t have a black-tie event in an industrial loft?

wedding suit - formal summer wedding with tuxedo

Choose your wedding colors

What are you and your fiancé’s favorite colors? Do they blend well? How do those colors fit into the season that you are getting married in? If both of your favorite colors are blue you’ve got it easy. If your favorite colors are more eccentric, like mango and violet, you may have some compromising to do.

wedding suit - grey pantone for groom suit

Find the dresses

Yes, the wedding dress and the bridesmaids dresses. Your wedding dress should fit in well with your overall formality and theme but don’t be afraid to stand out. You want to be the most formal one there. Opting for a wedding suit or a tuxedo instead of a wedding dress? Consider a white shawl lapel tuxedo. This classic look will never go out of style and you can accessorize however you see fit. Then, nail down the color of the bridesmaids dresses and if you will specify that everyone wear the same dress, same color, or be able to choose. Either visit stores in person or order swatches from a few online companies so you know what the colors truly look like, a picture can often be filtered and lighting plays a factor as well.

wedding suit - white bridal tuxedo

Choose the wedding suit

Once the bridesmaids dress colors are chosen you can choose the wedding suits their aisle mates will be wearing. Have someone on the groom’s side who wants to wear a woman’s suit? Find a brand that carries matching suits for both men’s and women’s bodies. Then, make sure that the suit color fits well into the season you will be married in. For example, if you’ve chosen grey as your suit color, consider light grey for a spring or summer wedding or charcoal grey for a fall or winter wedding.

wedding suit - groom shoes and belt light brown


It’s always good to give your wedding party as many details as possible when it comes to accessories. This way you’ll get what you want for your photos, and your bridal party will know exactly what to pack for the big day. For the girls, decide on shoe style and color as well as jewellery, and if you will have any requests for hair, nails, etc. For the guys, determine if they will be wearing boutonnieres, pocket squares, or both. Find ties that complement the bridesmaids dresses, or for a casual wedding decide if the guys will wear ties at all. For belts and shoes, it’s always key to be specific on color. If you’re having the guys wear black shoes and belts you can probably have everyone wear a pair they have at home as blacks don’t tend to vary much. When it comes to brown, however, you definitely need to tell the guys whether you are looking for a tan or a dark cognac brown. Or, ask them to all purchase the same shoes or give them their shoes as a gift to ensure your wedding photos are amazing.

wedding suit - groom accessories brown shades

If you go with The Groomsman Suit for your big day, the Group Coordination tool allows you to get your entire group suited up without stepping out of your house. Simply enter in the names and email addresses of your groomsmen and select your look. You get a real-time view of the ordering progress and TGS will take care of the rest.

Bio about The Groomsman Suit:

The Groomsman Suit offers affordable suiting to purchase for men, women, and kids for the same or less than the cost of a typical rental. Not only is TGS a one-stop-shop, they will manage your wedding group for you and are always available for style tips and suggestions. Order online and have your suit a week later with free shipping and free exchanges.

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