Top Tips to Creating Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Top Tips to Creating Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations are a very important part of  a wedding. They act as a prelude of your big day. You can either buy it or decide to create it making your ceremony more intimate and adding a personal touch at  your big day.

Here are top tips to make the process enjoyable, easy and stress-free:

Set the budget: besides all the expenses you have in your wedding, it’s very useful to decide before the amount of money to want to spend for your invitations. If you are going to send invitations by post includes here shipping costs.

Start early to design it: the time plays a crucial role in all the creative process. If you have time you can opt for a complex design of your cards with different decors attached on it. On the contrary, if you have less than four months to create it you might decide for something easy. Traditionally, invitations go out two months before the wedding. However in case of destination wedding, we suggest you to send it three months ahead of time.

Follow your wedding style: either in case of complex or simple design of your cards make sure the style recalls your wedding. Use the same colors, motifs and decors to make it more cohesive. For romantic weddings, ivory, cream or white card are the classic choice instead of black paper is more used for rustic ceremonies.

Wedding invitations

Decide shape and size: there’s a huge variety of shapes of the card. Couples may go for a rectangular, circular or squared invitations. We suggest you to think about the envelope while choosing the shape. The A5 rectangular or the square card is more traditional, easy to ship and cost less.

Make it clear: insert only the key information – date, time, place, names of the couples and RSVP Information. Don’t forget to check and re-check and ask someone to review it before send them out to print.

Looking for ideas? Discover this DIY Tutorial and follow Wed in Florence board on Pinterest for amazing inspirational boards.

Happy planning with Wed in Florence!

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