Top Tips to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

Top Tips to Plan the Perfect Bridal Shower

How to plan a bridal shower.

Bridal showers’ origin dates back to the 16th century in Holland. A bride to be didn’t have a dowry for her marriage. The village got together and offered her small gifts to help her. Traditions wants bridal showers are feminine parties in which the guests bring to the bride the wedding gifts. Furthermore, the maid of honour was in charge of planning – and paying – for the party. Luckily these days are over and this type of celebrations are much more flexible.

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Nowadays, things are a little different and the party is not strictly reserved to the bride’s house but can take place anywhere. From a glamorous restaurant in a terrace to a countryside SPA. With a big relief from the Mad of honour she is no longer asked to pay for it.

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What is a bridal shower

A bridal shower is a fun way to spend time with the bridal party, close friends and family. Meanwhile, the key moment is the exchange of the gifts that come from the all the online wedding registry, actually and telling the truth, with the cohabitation and couples asking to pay for their honeymoon, the prosecco time has begun the focus of the day and gifts are more intended as a fun joke, funny items or for the brie.

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Although, the wedding shower organisation is in charge to the maid of honour, another member of the bridal party, a friend or a family member can organise it. Just make sure to speak with each other to avoid the multiple showers result.

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When to host the party.

A good time to plan a bridal shower is between six to four months to the wedding. this is not set in the stones. Before planning just ask to the bride if she is available. You don’t necessary tell the details. Just ask her to pencil the date in her agenda. In case is a weekend or a destination wedding shower somewhere be sure that she knows about the multiple nights.

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Where to plan bridal shower

This is a very good question. To give the right reply think about how you know the bride and what she likes. From the backyard of a friend to a restaurant or a countryside winery all places are perfect. These celebrations are a way to spend quality time together, focus on the fun part. While picking the “where” keep also in mind if the shower has a theme.

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When the bride lives far away from her hometown or friends and family are from all over the places, it could be ideal to throw a destination wedding shower.  Top tip: keep always in mind that people may have different pockets. So, if you plan for luxury or for a destinate type event, be sure that everyone is happy with it.

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Before inviting the full wedding guests list, keep in mind that this type of events tale place in smaller location and due to their character are not suitable for a large number of guests. The guest list must me small and manageable. Undoubtedly, you can’t go wrong if you invite the small circle of friends of the bride and few family members. Top tip: don’t invite people that are not invited to the wedding.

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Do you need a theme?

Do you need a them for the bridal shower? Yes and no. always focus on the personal taste of the brides. In the majority of the cases, if not a theme, a color or a shade is a great idea. In general, is a fun way to add a twist to the event. While picking the theme remember to include the bride personal interests and things that she likes to do. If the bride to be is a wine lover, go with burgundy and grapes. Top Tip: having a hard time to pick a color/theme?  Go with the rose gold.  It is surprisingly elegant, classy and creative at the same time.

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Miscellanea that is worth to know

No matters where the bridal shower is taking place, remember to create a playlist for the day or for some moments of the day. Specifically include songs that refer to the bride and her life with the people attending the shower. Created a dedicated corner for the gifts. If the party is laid back, be as creative as you like.  Ask the hosts if they would like to have a speech but control the length.  Prepare some funny games that you can play together. Turn the traditional shower games into fund and actual activities just using your imagination.

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