Totally Cool Engagement Rings

Totally Cool Engagement Rings

Popular engagement rings

Over the last year, creativity has been introduced in the designs of engagement rings. The days of the all the same one kind rings are finally passed. Creativity, personalised details, use of multiple stones are now part of unique creations, born to celebrate a unique and special day. All these stunning sparklers are thought for real brides that want to combine grace and elegance with a modern twist.

Engagement Rings - An Oval-Cut Ring With a Double Halo

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Moreover, despite we all love diamonds, coloured gemstones are really popular nowadays and they can be cut and combined in so many different ways that for sure you won’t be disappointed. At wed in Florence, we round up a selection of our favourites, we hope you enjoyed it as we did in researching them!

Engagement Rings - An Emerald-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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Black diamonds

Black diamonds have been undesirable for many years, because they were considered imperfect. Luckily things change and soon this salt and peppers gems become seductive and alluring. Their flaws became their strength. Some of this particular stone can even have other crystals growing inside the gem. For sure, this one-of-a-kind, black diamond are for a rock’n’roll bride to be. For a person that likes to be chich but a bit mysterious at the same time.


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Pear shaped

A timeless design, always trendy during the years. Pear shaped gemstones provide a sophisticated and classy feeling. The cut, very similar to an elongated teardrop, is the perfect balance between modernity and grace.

Engagement Rings - rose gold ring with drop cur diamond

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Their size, due to their shape, is usually larger than other diamonds. This stone looks mazing in a solitaire setting, but they also look gorgeous with halo designs or with other diamonds around. Considering that pear shaped engagement rings, tent to be show more colors compared to other cuts, the best metals to pair them are yellow or rose gold.

Engagement Rings – elope pisa

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Vintage inspired engagement rings

If you love all the treasurers of your grandmothers you should definitively consider a vintage ring for your finger. From Art Deco styles to the Victorian inspired models, these rings are appealing and one a kind. They express the incredible charm of the past but with a dazzling twist.


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The setting can be adorned with different details, like intricate milgrain edges or soft engraves. Thought for romantic brides with a passion for retro jewellery’s designs. These rings will for sure make the statement on your finger. To get the big bold effect, opt for a halo design that will make centre stone look larger.

Engagement Rings -  Multi-Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

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Rose quartz

Known as the love stone, rose quartz is absolutely one of the new trends in gems’ color. Unconventional and modern but romantic and classy at the same time, this stone has so much character.

Engagement Rings - cushion cut stone Romantic Rose Quartz Engagement Rings


Often paired with yellow or pink gold, rose quarts, can be combined with other stones or with pure diamonds to accents its color. This gem works perfectly with architectural and uncommon bands designs.  The rose quartz stone will make you feel special.


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Raw stones

Raw stones’ engagement rings are unconventional and completely out of the scheme. They are uncut, unpolished and not shaped in any way. these rings, offer a unique style design, far away from the tradition. The stones are not cut, so each ring is unique on its kind.

Engagement Rings - Morganite Ring Raw Pink Morganite Crystal

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They don’t need to have elaborate and intricate forms, on the contrary this type of gems the pair better with simple bands. Raw stones can be of different colors, shapes and sizes, the only thing you have to do it so choose your favourite.

Engagement Rings - Raw Rose Quartz Ring With Branch Band

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The ring stone of Diana and kate, symbolises honestly and loyalty. This engagement rings are elegant and superb. The deep blue of this stone gives an extremely refined attitude to any finger in particular if surrounded by a multitude of diamonds and completed by a halo setting.

Engagement Rings - Raw Rose Quartz Ring With Branch Band

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For sure, these rings are a cool and refined way to break the tradition. To get the best from this gem combine it with platinum or white gold and with the oval cut. Sapphires are a combination of timeless and modern elegance with a vibrant touch.

Engagement Rings -  Helzberg Diamonds Shades of Love Sapphire and Diamond Ring in 14K White Gold

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The offer of engagement rings is so overwhelming, that sometimes it could be difficult to find the style and the design that reflect who you are. We hope that you enjoyed our selection and stay tuned in our blog for more juicy fashion tips.

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