Videographer’s services: the drone wedding footage

Videographer’s services: the drone wedding footage

The importance of a drone wedding package

In the process of planning a destination wedding, along with the selection of the various professionals that will work with you on the perfect day, you will also need to consider which services you would like to focus on. Going through the several options to celebrate a wedding abroad, always consider a highly suggestive and special location. It can be the romantic Lake Como, the breathtaking Amalfi Coast venues or a warm sunset from the Tuscan hills. Locations and sceneries deserved to be shown and embedded in your wedding film.

Katia Casprini - drone wedding - view of the tuscan countryside

Videography service

Within the services offered by a wedding videographer for destination weddings, you should consider enquire more about filming your special day with the aid of a drone. Take your wedding memories to a higher level with some aerial shootings! Capturing moments from the air is something unique and will add a different point of view to your wedding video.

The plus of booking a drone wedding package

drone wedding footage will give you the opportunity to fully relive the special location where your destination wedding in Italy took place. Take the time to have a chat with our wedding videographer for destination weddings. They will go through all your requirements and will discuss with you in detail the benefits of aerial footage for your wedding.

Katia Casprini - drone wedding - couples in a boat

Filming the wedding day by a professional videographer with drone is carried out in absolute safety, thanks to the professionalism of our pilots, choosing the best shots and light conditions.The result of the drone wedding footage in the final videos will add great effect. It will capture a completely different perspective of the environment and the day of your wedding.

With the aid of this piece of our filming equipment, our videographer will deliver a complete, exciting and exhaustive memory of your wedding day. The footage made with a drone wedding will be something completely different. In the final editing your videos will be able to tell, like no other image will do, the magic and uniqueness of the place you have chosen for your destination wedding.

Depending on the location of your wedding, the shooting options that the wedding videographer with drone will offer you will be numerous.

Different location, same added value

Let’s take the renowned Como Lake for example, an absolutely stunning place for a destination wedding. This lake offers great cues for suggestive footage during your boat ride on the lake, which will give a grand touch of elegance to the video.

Katia Casprini - drone wedding - view of ravello

In case you have chosen one of the many outstanding Tuscan wedding Villas, booking the drone wedding footage service will ensure that you forever hold with you the characteristic Tuscan landscape under the golden sunset light, perhaps whilst driving a vintage car along the Tuscan hills and the cypress boulevards.

If an Amalfi Coast destination wedding video is your choice, the drone wedding footage will reward you with views of the cliffs overlooking the sea, your dream venue and your sunset aperitif with your guests.

Soft and neutral tones are your favorite? Aerial shots from Apulia will reveal the magic and warm scenery of the olive groves and countryside surrounding your venue.

Katia Casprini - drone wedding - lakes destinations in italy

Do you dream a Portofino destination wedding by the sea? You will be surrounded by the characteristic bright houses stretching along the edge of the bay. The shots from the sky will reveal a view of the beautiful harbor, between the crystal-clear water and the colorful tones of the bay.

Winter weddings is what you have always dreamt? Surely a Dolomites wedding will be among your favorites; the wedding videographer with drone will guide you through the truly unique shots that can be taken from a drone wedding footage in the dolomites. The result will be a film in which your wedding features within the most remote and evocative views of the alpine landscapes.

Katia Casprini - drone wedding - countryside in chianti

Plan ahead

To get the absolute best out of a drone footage, it is essential to plan ahead (a few months in advance) together with your wedding videographer for destination weddings the time schedule of the day; this way the best light settings can be planned, and all logistical arrangements can be organized. Our videographer will guide you every step of the way.

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