Wedding Aisle Décor

Wedding Aisle Décor

8 Juicy ideas for your wedding aisle décor

When it comes to florals decorations details are important.  The wedding aisle décor can make the difference. It will be your entrance and will kick off the celebrations of your nuptials.

wedding aisle décor - Ceremony in front of mountain view with stairs leading to the circle arch of greenery

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Plus, it will be one of the most attractive and photographed moments of your big day. Although is not always easy to pick the direction where to go.

wedding aisle décor - Wedding aisle with circle greenery arch and greenery and lit lanterns along the aisle

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The wedding aisle décor will have to be coordinated with your color scheme but at the same time it will have to be cohesive with the ceremony area and fit with the venue. Adding touches and elements doesn’t mean to be extravagant. Simple details can make the difference event to the most creative and lavish composition.

wedding aisle décor - Indoor wedding aisle with red rugs as a runner, lined with jars of fairy lights

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To help you in the job, we have narrowed down some of the wedding aisle décor that we liked most. Enjoy the reading!

wedding aisle décor - wedding ceremony rooftop new york city skyline rose petals in pattern along aisle

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Focus on the entrance

In all the cases in which the aisle is not too long or if the ceremony area has a rectangular where the width is longer than the depth, focus the attention at the entrance. This will make the starting point of your walk look bigger and longer. Top tip: add drapes along the sided to the chair and to the arch.

wedding aisle décor - Ceremony aisle on green grass with view of mountain and trees in background

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Build a stage for your grand entrance

Why not! You deserve to be at the centre of attention, and you are fully allowed to do it with a Hollywood style. To get a boho chich effect add greenery and loose composition of flowers using a wooden made stage. For an epic entrance, go with a white carpet and thousands of flowers! Top tip: Pampa grass is perfect for this!

wedding aisle décor - wedding ceremony aisle decorations wood raised stage outdoor ceremony

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Pampas grass for your wedding aisle décor

Let’s say and loud. Pampas are perfect wedding aisle décor for of any boho or any just bride to be. Their shape and the softness of the structure provides an ethereal look that is very hard to obtain with any other flower.

wedding aisle décor - pampas grass for aisle decoration in the black and green shade

Eclectically and flexible can be used to create a rustic and bucolic feeling. If pampas are combined as a complement into decoration can provide an eclectic and modern felling.

wedding aisle décor - An indoor ceremony with floral installations at the start of the aisle to match the arch backdrop

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Decorate the trees!

Unquestionably this is one of our favourite wedding aisle décor for outdoors! Creative and not already seen, will turn your ceremony set up into a fairy-tale ambiance.

wedding aisle décor - Ceremony site in front of large leafy tree with flower petals, flower pots, and ferns decorating the aisle

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Decorations are not set only for the grounds but also for the heights. Top tip: for a bolder effect add matching petals on the grounds.

wedding aisle décor - Ceremony site with tall rose bushes lining the aisle

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Use carpets for your wedding aisle décor.

Despite the common thoughts that brides should walk on the carpet, you can use multiple layers of carpets to create a unique pattern for your big entrance. As a wedding aisle décor impeccable for outdoor weddings, boho or eccentric weddings and rustic affairs.

wedding aisle décor -Wedding aisle on the beach with multiple rugs lining the aisle

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Bonus point: for a multicolour outcome, use the same tones of the carpets’ fabric for the florals, it will drive the attention of the guests directly to the altar.

wedding aisle décor - Wedding ceremony with rugs down the aisle and a rug with flowers and cacti at the end

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Monogrammed Aisle Runner

This will take to another level your I dos. Simple romantic but at the same time with a deep scenography effect. Monograms are always visually appealing. They will provide a classy and elegant feeling that is always updated and in trend. Top tip: the glamorous touch, use monograms also for the ceremony’s stationary.

wedding aisle décor - wedding ceremony aisle decor monogram on wood plank aisle

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Minimal decorations

Less is more. If the backdrop of your ceremony is already “enough” use just touches of florals but not only, to create a cohesive look. From wood branches to bushes, from neutrals drapes to chairs.

Ceremony site with mountain views on grass with brown grasses lining aisle

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The minimalist style doesn’t have to be synonyms of poor. Evaluate any single piece of your wedding aisle décor and create a unique set up. Top tip: consider to use benches instead of chairs. They reflect the minimal but effective idea.

Beach wedding aisle with wooden planks to make boardwalk on sand

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Mirror Aisle

Dreaming about the wow factor?! Here you go. This is another ceremony marker that is not seen too often and will definitively make the point. Use a mirror instead of the carpet to walk down the aisle. Top tip: to get the best from this decoration don’t forget to decorate the ceiling. The investment is worth the result.

wedding ceremony aisle decorations mirror aisle runner new york city

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Wed in Florence really hopes you enjoyed the multiple ways we listed about how to personalise your wedding aisle décor. If you have any questions, simply get in touch. We will love to answer to all your doubts.

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