Wedding attire: bridal sweaters

Wedding attire: bridal sweaters

Cool bridal sweaters for any season

bridal sweaters  - a white cable knit bridal sweater and a navy cable knit scarf to tie up your couple look

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Why bridal sweaters are becoming so popular and everyone craves about getting one? More and more often wedding run all year around. Brides need something to stay warm and comfortable and during their big day.


bridal sweaters - modern wedding bolero
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Moreover, during fall and winter weddings is mandatory to have cool accessories in order not to freeze. Their chilly weather requires the proper complement. Bridal sweaters and jackets are the perfect addition to any bridal look, plus they come with a multitude of options.

bridal sweaters - a grey cut out embellished cardigan and a neutral skirt for a chic and refined bridal outfit

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Whether is a hand knit pullover, possibly made by one of the ladies of the family or a shortcut angora bolero it will help you to make you own fashion statement. To boost this sweet coziness match them with a bridal skirt, for a luxurious and romantic effect.

bridal sweaters -  a comfy bridal look with a white fuzzy sweater and a pink tulle skirt for a casual and feminine feel

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Keep reading and discover our selection to help you in the selection of your outfit for the big day.

Oversized Bridal Sweaters

Romantic, soft and fluffy, we personally love oversized bridal sweaters. Perfect with simple and plain dresses but also with ballgown skirts they express a deep romance.

bridal sweaters - oversized blue poncho

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To add some glittering pick a fabric with some gold or silver yarns, sequins or pearls. Top tip: invest in a bold necklace to underline the oversized style.

bridal sweaters - a creamy slouchy chunky knit sweater over your neutral wedding gown to feel warm

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Fuzzy jackets

With this attire you will be able to score amazing photos outdoor without worry about the outside temperature. A fuzzy jacket will make your look delicate and soft. This warm and stylish addition will perfectly complete your bridal look. Bonus point: this piece of wardrobe can be easily used in other occasions.

bridal sweaters - fuzzy jacket

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Long sleeves sweaters remain an elegant choice for modern brides.

bridal sweaters - pearl embellished sweater

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To add a little spice and tone done the classy look pick a model that incorporates some pearls or kind of decors.  Add a twist to the ever-popular long sleeve bridal sweaters like embroidered florals around the neckline.

bridal sweaters - asymmetrical jacket

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Short-Sleeve Bridal Sweaters

To keep the light, look of a winter sleeve less bridal gown, this type of bridal sweater is perfect. For a simple slip dress, think about a material able to provide some movement like the boucle or lace.

bridal sweaters - a neutral sweater with embellished shoulders is gorgeous enough to be a part of your bridal separate

 For more elaborate bridal gowns, go for a simple material and focus on details like puff sleeves or an asymmetrical cut.

bridal sweaters - cream short sleeve bridal wear

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Incredibly charming hand knit pieces are a true fairy-tale accessory. At the same time if they are realized by a beloved person, they become a meaningful part of your big day. Bonus point: Hand knit bridal sweaters beside having multiple designs, they are tailor made and can be personalised following your taste and desires.

bridal sweaters - hand knit shirt

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Bridal Sweaters with hood

Mysterious and fascinating will complement the hair style of the bride and add a touch of mystery. They are not something that you see everyday and with vintage reminiscing, they are perfect in a forest setting and for the coldest months of the year.

bridal sweaters -  hooded jacket

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Long cape

Capes express a sensual romance in addition to that you will be fully covered and protected from the chilly weather.

bridal sweaters - white long cape

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To add some little drama, make your entrance with some lace-trim model or with shimmering accents. Top tip: don’t feel like wearing the long version? There is a short version that is perfect for the modern bride.

Cool bridal shrugs

This is something that you don’t see every day. Honestly, they are more on the stylish fashion side that on keeping you warm.

bridal sweaters - ostrich feather shrug

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To really rock with your entrance with an ostrich feather shrug. A fur faux model will add glamour to your bridal look and for a romantic twist buy a lace and silk shrug.


One of our top pick is a cashmere or Alpaca bolero. They are so elegant, timeless and able to match any bridal style. Plus, both cashmere and Alpaca, will make your bridal sweater incredibly warm and will keep you safe from the chilly weather. Top tip: if the look is too classic for your taste have a shining complement, such as a scintillating pin jewellery.

bridal sweaters -  modern bolero

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Coloured bridal sweaters

Winter is all about white and grey, the nature is resting. Add a little bit of spice with a touch of color. If you are getting married during the Christmas festivity you can decide to wear something with classic Christmas prints.

bridal sweaters - rock sweaters and cardigans with classic Christmas prints both to look unified

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Top tip: hosting colorful wedding? Wear something matching your flowers, like mauve, sunny yellow or pink.

bridal sweaters - a peachy pink sweater over a pink high neckline wedding dress for a colorful touch

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At Wed in Florence, we hope you enjoyed this warm information. If you need more advice for your bridal look don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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