Wedding cakes ideas

Wedding cakes ideas

Glamorous wedding cakes ideas

Picking the wedding cake is not easy. Everyone is looking forward to taste it! To ensure that is exactly what you want, just follow some simple rules.

1-be yourself, choose something that you like and that really appeals you.Don’t know what sort of wedding cake style you like? Jump online or ask us! Wed in Florence can suggest a wide range of options for your destination wedding cake!

fresh flower wedding cake
cup cake wedding cake

2- the number of the guests determine the size, don’t forget it! The number of people that you need to serve is most important of the layers of your wedding cake.

Mini cake

3- think about your dress and the theme. having a matching wedding cake remains in the memories of the guests. Bring pictures of what you like. Wed in Florence can help you to pick the right destination wedding cake

fruit millefoglie wedding cake

4- be honest with your budget. Customized wedding cakes can be expensive.

icing wedding cake

If you are looking for a destination wedding in Italy why not stay local, and pick one of the traditional Italian wedding cakes? In Tuscany is very popular the traditional “ Millefoglie” literally called thousand layers. This puff pastry cake is made with many layers of puff pastry filled with chantilly cream, that can be personalised with chocolate chips or fresh fruit on the top.

millefoglie wedding cake

dark chocolate profiteroles wedding cake

The profiterole tower is creative and alternative cake. The uncommon cone shape make this cake perfect for a modern wedding in Tuscany. This cake is made of many small round cream filled pastries called “profiterole”. This profiteroles can be filled with any flavoured creams.Then the whole cake is coated with dark or white chocolate. Foe sure your guests will never forget this experience!

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Photo Courtesy: Villa le Piazzole, Class Ricevimenti

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