Wedding lawn games & plaids. Set the mood for your wedding in Tuscany!

Wedding lawn games & plaids. Set the mood for your wedding in Tuscany!

Have fun, it’s your wedding day! Have these wedding lawn games, for you and for your guests!

While looking for the perfect idea to get married, for many of you having a destination wedding seems to be the perfect choice. There are in fact, many reasons why a wedding abroad may be better than one in your home country. It could be cheaper, it could be funnier and lets you start your holidays already before the actual wedding day! 

wedding lawn games - Jenga 2 Wed in Florence -

Well, all seems to say “have a wedding abroad!!!” And not only…the country you’ll choose tells a lot about who you are and what you’re looking for. I’m Italian, so don’t be critical…I’m in love with Italy and I’ll always say Italy is the right country for you if you’re a laid back person and are looking for real experience…sometimes very simple ones but authentic enough to remain in your hearts forever.

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Italy is in fact, the land of sun, of wine, tasty recipes and slow life. I know, it’s rainy here sometimes too, but we always have plan Bs and the right smile to face every uncertainty. Also what is important about Italy is that we want you to feel at home! We like to share our food and drink, our moments with the friends and the family, our easy happy mood and cosy atmosphere.

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That’s why today, I want you to think about your wedding in Italy differently, from another perspective. Yes, a wedding abroad means planning the day, tasting the wedding menu, calling your planner, arranging transport for the guests…but not only!Once you arrive to Italy and to your wedding location, when all the plans have been done, all you have to do is just to relax and enjoy your time with your friends and family.

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And here are some of the activities you can do with your guests starting from creating an atmosphere with plaids and adding some fun wedding lawn games! Because the sky may be cloudy, your shoes may hurt, your cousin may be late…it doesn’t matter. Just relax and create the right atmosphere to share some moments with all your guests. 


wedding lawn games - blankets in the garden - _Wed in Florence - Rental_Spirito_Toscano-7

First of all, some plaids and cushions are the perfect way to create a relaxed atmosphere. See the plaids and cushions by Spirito Toscano

Not only if you’re organizing a picnic, but also for an easy moment during the day by the pool with the kids. Or in the evening for an informal welcome dinner with these placed in some corners of a garden with soft lighting.  There are then, many other ways to engage your guests. See here some pics!


wedding lawn games - photo booth frames with props and happy couple

Frames are a way to make your guests socialize! Especially if not them all know each other, putting at disposal some props and asking your guests to take a pic with you will be enough to let them feel more at ease. See here some frames from Spirito Toscano.  You don’t need anything else, the frames and some props will do the rest! Your friends will be happy to participate, get to know each other and laugh to their funny pics! 

wedding lawn games -  Booth_Frames_Spirito_Toscano

Wedding lawn games

The classical wedding lawn games then, are a must if you want to let your guests enjoy every single second of their Tuscan holiday. Here you see a selection of games from the artisanal company Spirito Toscano.

wedding lawn games - spirito toscano cricket

Each game has been created by them in their carpentry. So these won’t only entertain your guests, but will add extra charm with their wooden details. Games like bocce, the ring toss, the limbo dance, the jenga and all the others, will immediately attract your guests. None will ever be afraid…they’re so easy to be played with, you don’t even need to explain the rules… and in the end what’s important is not to win, but to participate and to laugh!!

wedding lawn games - Wheel of Fun_Spirito Toscano

And if you want to dare more..these 2 last games are for you, perfect to put everybody at ease…even too much! I don’t have to explain you further… The wheel of fun has different phrases on it. You can change them or use the ones that are already on it. Have a look, I’m sure you’re already laughing 🙂 

wedding lawn games - dama drinks on a barrel Spirito Toscano

wedding lawn games -  dama drinks Spirito Toscano Wed in Florence -

Finally, during the welcome dinner, the drinking barrel,will be the best way to enjoy some Italian limoncellos or prosecco (link all’articolo dei FAVOURS che ti mando). Or even Vodka….but please don’t exaggerate, you’re getting married the next day and you want all to be sober for your big day! 🙂

wedding lawn games - Set 2 games - in a garden

So what do you think? Which of these wedding lawn games will get the party going for your wedding in Tuscany??

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