WEDDING PALETTE: crazy for white and green wedding

WEDDING PALETTE: crazy for white and green wedding

Green and White are Perfect Colours for any Wedding

Whatever style of wedding you desire, green and white can be the perfect colours to bring your dreams to life. If you fancy a rustic wedding, for instance, you might be looking at hiring a barn or an old building as the perfect backdrop for your reception.

Spring wedding - green and white men buttonholes

A location like this demands simple decorations, think simplistic elegance. Usually, you can pull off a great look for a rustic style wedding, with some fairy lights, green foliage and white flowers. You could create an arch, sprinkle white petals on the floor, have vases with greenery on the tables and  or hang vases with white roses in from the rafters. Green and white are just perfect colours to bring your rustic wedding together.

wedding table with vases and aromatic herbs - wedding with a bump in Tuscany

Wedding with a bump in Tuscany - white roses wedding arch

Green and white can also really pull together a romantic wedding extremely well. The best romantic  green and white make great use of flowers. If you think about it there is nothing more romantic than flowers and you really can never overuse them. Think huge vases with elaborate displays of foliage and white flowers.

elegant wedding in Florence - white peonies bridal bouquet

Plus, there are lots of white flowers you could  use, such as roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, tulips, hydrangeas peonies, freesias and many others. Create a stunning backdrop with white shades and  greenerey. This will wow your guests.

greenery and flowers for the wedding table - Romantic Castle wedding

green white wedding decor - white baby flowers crowns

There is something really luxurious about white and green florals, making this colour combination perfect for an elegant wedding too. Try having foliage running across your tables with white flowers scattered throughout. Add some lanterns placed here and there to create a truly stylish look. You could also create beautiful arrangements with greenery in tall vases for a truly sophisticated reception.

sophisticated wedding in Tuscany - white and green bridal bouquet

The sky really is the limit when you use these two beautiful colours together. If you need some help in planning your wedding why not contact us at Wed in Florence. We would love to meet with you to discuss your big day and help you put together the perfect occasion.

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