Wedding paper

Wedding paper

Why is your wedding paper so important?

The power of good wedding paper design goes beyond a pretty invite; it establishes the aesthetic that carries through each and every phase of your guest’s experience, from the first impression of the Save the Date to the final note of paper -elsa madeline design

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Your wedding isn’t just about the wedding day itself-It is about the entire year leading up to your wedding day: the proposal, the dreaming, planning, anticipation. Much like the pages of a really good book, your story should unfold rather than be summed up on the first page, with each element building from the previous detail and foreshadowing those to come.

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Every aspect of the design, from color, to typeface to illustration even to the way the materials feel in your hand- should be carefully considered. Your wedding paper is one of the physical memories of the year leading up to your big day. It should be cherished for years to come.

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The process

We love when couples thoughtfully select their designs, whether they wish to capture the bucolic hillsides of Tuscany, the luxurious detailing of a Florentine ballroom, or the romance of their engagement. The common thread that makes for a beautiful wedding invite is a good designer; someone with specialized expertise, a sensitivity to good design, and a listening to what is at the heart of your story…

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The industry expert

Elsa Madeline Design possesses these qualities in spades! Wed in Florence is extremely proud to provide our couples with a curated list of top wedding professionals worldwide. We love Elsa Madeline Design’s stunning collection because it feels one-of-a-kind but is effortlessly versatile at the same time. If you seek the premium materials and printing methods of custom design, but are also looking for a more streamlined process, The Elsa Madeline collection really does offer the best of both worlds.

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wedding paper - celestial

Each collection comes with multiple text layout and colorway options to choose from, providing versatility while maintaining the original, cohesive vision of the design. The collections also include a comprehensive set of cohesive designs for your event, from save the dates to invitations to day-of paper – menus, escort cards, signage, programs, welcome notes, and thank you cards. While we love the wedding stationery design process, it can certainly overwhelm some couples-Elsa Madeline makes the process seamless and easy.

wedding paper - luminous waters

Elsa’s education at Rhode Island School of Design, followed by her professional experiences in producing hand-painted wallpaper, leading color product design, illustrating books, and teaching art, inform her ever-evolving voice as an artist. She lives in San Francisco down the street from where she grew up, with her husband, Spencer, and her daughter, Ivy. Please browse Elsa’s website to learn more about her designs, process and booking.



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