Wedding Signs for all needs at your Tuscan Wedding!

Wedding Signs for all needs at your Tuscan Wedding!

Sparkle your day with wedding signs!

Ok, the wedding day has arrived..I’m in Italy, I’m ready to get married with my LOVE in a few hours.. everything is in its place, the dress has been steamed and is hanged in the wardrobe, the rings are with Dad, the babysitter will come at 4pm for the kids, the hairdresser has already started with the bridesmaids….I need to have a shower NOW! Oh no.. the phone is ringing..Maria cannot find the way to get here to the wedding venue… What can I do? Mum can you help me???

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Well, I cannot see the future but I know from experience that situations like these happens all the times! Everything looks in place, but there’s always something unexpected that may slower your plans.. It may be Maria, lost somewhere in the Tuscan countryside or John who cannot find his shoes, or aunty Jane who keeps saying “Oh darling, it’s too hot outside!” 

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You know what?? ..don’t even care about these small unexpected circumstances. Everybody has difficulties, but it’s NOT the right thing to ask the bride and groom ON their wedding day. 

So you know what you should do?? Have your shower, sip a toast of Prosecco with the bridesmaids, relax yourself and be cuddled by your hairdresser and make-up artist. Have some fresh fruit and let somebody else take care of your guests!! And if you need a further help….think of wedding signs…they’re so useful…and nice too!! 

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I’m not talking about signs to let Maria find her way down the road.. just send her your Whatsapp position! I’m talking about welcome signs, a blackboard to let guests know the schedule of the day, arrows to invite them to the lawn games corner, a Polaroid sign to take fun pictures and remind your guests to tag you!

Mirrors and wooden welcome signs

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Isn’t it a good idea? On your wedding day, you just have to enjoy yourself. Your guests will be pleased to find a welcome sign to let them know they have arrived in the right Tuscan wedding villa 🙂 Let me tell you…there’s so many beautiful villas in Tuscany that it could be that they arrive to the neighbours’ house and find themselves at another party!

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Blackboard wedding signs

Let them know when exactly the ceremony begins…so we don’t have to chase them around to make them take their seat. Ok, they know this already! But why not to have a nice handwritten blackboard to inform them about the other timings of the day like the start of the refreshments, of dinner, the cut of the cake followed by the first dance and start of the party!? See the signs of my friends at Spirito Toscano

wedding signs -  16 Seating_Plan_Blackboard_Frames_Spirito_Toscano - wed in florence -

 Also, yes we’re in Italy but different wedding signs could entice them to join in. See this below. At every Italian wedding you would expect Pasta, Pizza, Vino and Spritz…isn’t it? Well, now they’re sure your guests will find them!

wedding signs - Wedding Spirito Toscano 3 Multiple Signs Spirito Toscano 2 - INTERNET

Then, invite adults and kids to reach the lawn games corner with a nice arrow. You can rent many different lawn games in Tuscany for the entertainment of everybody.

wedding signs - Polaroid Sign Tuscan Wedding Spirito Toscano 3

Then, entertain them and let them take fun pictures with a Polaroid sign during the aperitif. Be creative! See here the one from Spirito Toscano: You can write your Instagram tag so guests won’t ever ask you “Do you have a tag for your wedding?” Or include some nice decorations recalling the olive leaves of Tuscany.

wedding signs - Tuscan Wedding Specchio Spirito Toscano NL 2

In a few signs are not only a way to add a touch to your Tuscan’s a way to make guests feel at ease. And they won’t ever bother you, even aunty jane  asking you…. “When is the time for dinner…it’s too hot darling…and I still need to find my fan”.

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